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Diablo 4 gets free story content every three months – WhatsNew2Day


The story of Diablo 4 should not be over with the release.

Anyone who enjoyed the dark atmosphere and the exciting stories of the action role-playing game in the open beta of Diablo 4 should be happy: Because even if you play through the story in one go at the time of release, there is still plenty of supplies from Blizzard. Diablo 3 will have to step back for that soon.

New content regularly

Diablo 4 wants to differ from its predecessors in some aspects, such as the controversial shared world. Game Director Joe Piepiora revealed more about ithow the action role-playing game should change after the release:

  • More Stories: With major updates, Diablo 4 should get new, free story content after release. What that means exactly, whether the main quest will be continued or completely new stories will be told, remains unclear. We also don’t know how extensive the content will be.
  • Season model: The updates should be released in a rhythm known from live service games. Every 3 months So we can look forward to new content. The story content is to be integrated into new mechanics and features, and there is also a Battle Pass as a free and premium version.

We already know Seasons from Diablo 3, but these were purely geared towards cosmetic rewards and new items, and were only relevant for newly created characters. You obviously don’t want to go this route with Diablo 4, the link to story content alone indicates that we can also play the seasons with existing characters.

In the podcast, we discuss with streamer Jessirocks how the MMO elements that are new to Diablo will influence the latest part of the series, and why this is also important for the seasons:

Will Diablo 4 be really good or just an MMO knock-off?  - with Jessirocks

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Will Diablo 4 be really good or just an MMO knock-off? – with Jessirocks

What do you think of the planned live service model for Diablo 4? Could you do without these and similar innovations, or do you think that the series is developing in a good direction? And how did you like the beginning of the Diablo 4 beta story? Feel free to write it in the comments!

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