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Diablo 4 discussion: what do you think of the respec feature?


Would you reskill this barbarian, or do you prefer to stand by your builds?

That caused more wind than expected! Last week we broke news that Blizzard announced a pull back on a feature of Diablo 4. This was about the respec feature that some of you were already allowed to use in the beta.

Originally, this reset of your character’s talent tree was supposed to become almost unaffordably expensive later in the game. According to the developers, there was talk that starting a completely new character is almost more worthwhile.

Apparently that has changed now! Respecs should never be priceless. This news caused an extensive debate in the comments section. Over 140 comments were written about it. That’s why we wanted to capture your opinion on the topic again:

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Why is this feature so hotly debated?

Traditionally, Diablo was almost notorious for wanting a spec to be well thought out. If you start with Diablo 1 today, you should inform yourself better or possibly put your character in the sand. Diablo 2 also does without respecs and thus requires that you think carefully about which skill is unlocked when from the first level. Resurrected introduced a limited respec option.

Diablo 3 broke this system completely and made it possible to equip any skill at any time and change it with runes. This caused some frustration at the time, as builds seemed arbitrary. At the same time, a respec naturally prevents you from getting bogged down or dealing with the huge talent trees too intensively.

Of course, a lot has already been said and written on this subject, but we always welcome your opinions! So write us in the comments how you see the whole matter and whether you might even have ideas on how it can be implemented even better. Are there other features of Diablo 4 that annoy you even more? Exchange ideas in the comment section! But stay civilized.

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