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Diablo 4: criticism of the endgame – rightly so? – WhatsNew2Day


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Diablo 4: criticism of the endgame – rightly so?

Diablo 4 is being hotly debated – so let’s join the discussion! At the CAGGTUS in Leipzig, Maurice and Micha sat down with Benedict from MyMMO together to talk about the criticism of the endgame. Or Blizzard’s plans for the endgame of Diablo 4, nobody could play it outside of a closed beta.

To the lovely purr of the casemodding flex next door, we talk about the planned endgame content – from the nightmare dungeons to the infernal flood and the whispers of the dead to the PvP in the fields of hate.

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And that’s where our opinions differ: while Benedict is looking forward to the nightmare dungeons, Micha gets a chill down his spine at the thought of said dungeons.

We also discuss the Paragon system, which currently looks unspectacular – 90 percent of the time we just use it to increase character values. However, the Paragon boards could contribute substantially to character development if Blizzard’s plans work out and we are actually free to tinker with our hero template (our “build”).

Of course, legendary and unique items also play a role in this build tinkering, with which we can adjust the effects of certain abilities. And that’s going to be important, too, because Diablo 4’s character system seems to be wearing out very quickly.

At least until Blizzard expands it. Because the endgame of Diablo 4 will initially only be a core, which will then be supplemented with new gameplay elements in the seasons.

Of course, we also have certain wishes and expectations of them. Like Blizzard avoiding World of Warcraft’s flaws and Path of Exile’s over-complexity…

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