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Diablo 4 could bring Diablo and his brothers back in a different way than many think – WhatsNew2Day


According to current information, the Lord of Terror does not appear in Diablo 4 at all. But maybe parts of him.

Diablo may be the Lord of Terror, but that doesn’t save him from death. Much more, the horned devil has had to deal with thoroughly mortal heroes several times, who really heated him up. Diablo has been defeated three times. His brothers Mephisto and Baal also had to admit defeat.

Diablo 4 has so far lacked any trace of the Great Evils, as Lilith is the focus here. However, a reveal of the new book now shows how the three could possibly appear – without actually returning.

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This is what happened to the corpses of the Great Evils

The new book is a kind of encyclopedia that was compiled by Horadrim Lorath, who was important in Diablo 4. Therefore it also listens to the name Book of Lorath. Actually this compendium appears only coinciding with Diablo 4 on June 6, 2023but at Amazon there are already a few insights.

Among other things, a page is visible here that deals with the bodily remains of Baal, Mephisto and Diablo. Accordingly, body parts were found from all three corpses, which now appear as artifacts in the world of Diablo.

  • Diablo: The horns of the poster boy from the series are still left. These are extremely sharp and, if wounded, will cause the wound to become infected and cause a slow, agonizing death. The thorns on Diablo’s body also have this effect.
  • Mephisto: Main Villain Lilith’s father left his brain behind. This probably doesn’t have a particularly magical effect, but it should remind you that every woman and every man can be corrupted by hate, because it starts in the brain.
  • Baal: Baal’s eye is also not described as being particularly powerful, but it is a reminder of what Baal envisaged for Sanctuary: complete annihilation.

The Book of Lorath shows which body parts Diablos and his brothers have in the Horadrics.  (Source: Blizzard)

The Book of Lorath shows which body parts Diablos and his brothers have in the Horadrics. (Source: Blizzard)

Of course, this list doesn’t say anything about whether parts of the bodies of the Great Evils actually appear in Diablo 4 and whether they serve any purpose at all. At least Diablo’s horns could also cut a fine figure as a unique weapon.

At the same time, some official illustrations of Lilith show the daughter of hatred holding the skull of Diablos in her hands. Many therefore suspect that she may be using Diablo’s remains for her purposes. Since the beta, there have also been a few more theories as to how and if the Greater Evils play a role in Diablo 4.

What do you think of such further information on the background of the world of Diablo? Do you want to learn more about it or maybe even plan to get the book? Do you have any theories as to how such remnants could appear in Diablo 4? Tell us in the comments!

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