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Monday, May 29, 2023
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Development of the Witcher-derived Project Sirius is back on track


CD Projekt Red’s new Witcher spin-off, codenamed Project Sirius, has received a “new framework” after relaunching development earlier this year.

Where a report from Eurogamer CD Projekt Red revealed in an announcement to investors that Sirius development appears to be back on track after the studio decided to restart development.

The company said: CD Projekt Red “hereby announces the completion of work on defining a new framework for the Sirius project.” Being developed by CD Projekt Red’s studio The Molasses Flood, the company promises that Sirius will be a multiplayer Witcher designed to appeal to audiences beyond just RPG fans.

Concerns arose when CD Projekt Red filed an “asset impairment” file in March, which is a file companies generally file to cancel assets that have been depreciated or lost outright, but the developer explained that only Sirius is being revalued and not completely written off.

CD Projekt Red told IGN at the time that it filed for an “impairment of assets” because their current focus is ensuring Project Sirius aligns with CD PROJEKT’s group strategy.

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