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Developer of a real Steam hit puts all his prototypes on Steam for free


The games in the Free Landfall Bundle are… down.

Indie studio Landfall wants you to break into their archives and grab their unfinished prototypes. Okay, the break-in is just a little publicity stunt of theirs, written in the Steam description of a new game pack. But you really get the previously unreleased games. And it’s completely free!

Who is Landfall? You may already know the developers. They created the hugely popular Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, a hilarious ragdoll simulation where you can, for example, pit 100 crusaders against 10,000 chickens. Or Spartans versus mammoths. And yes, the game was released on April 1st, 2021.

This is what the Landfall Bundle offers

The free game pack consists of all the prototypes that the studio (and friends of the studio) have been working on over the years – but which, for various reasons, never made it to the finish line.

It’s a colorful mix of different genres, from crazy physics simulators to card games and brawlers to horror experiences. The trailer already gives you a few impressions:

Indie studio is giving away 23 unfinished games on Steam and they are... weird

FYNG CAGGTUS Which co op or multiplayer title should we play.svg


Indie studio is giving away 23 unfinished games on Steam and they are… weird

You can find a complete list with a short description here on Steamwhere you can also grab the bundle. Of course, you should keep in mind that these are incomplete titles, some of which are purely tech demos.

None of these games have any special system requirements, the bundle only requires 4GB of hard disk space in total – so you can simply try your hand at the unfinished but playable titles. Perfect if you only have an hour to play over Easter and are looking for something simple!

You can also rate the individual prototypes from the Landfall Bundle. Most likely, Landfall wants to find out which of their ideas could still be worthwhile as full-fledged games. Or they are looking for more absurd ideas for the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.

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