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Detection of Smoke in Norway Traced to Canadian Wildfires


“Very weak” concentrations of smoke particles have been detected since Monday, particularly at the Perkenes Observatory in southern Norway.

Smoke from Canadian forest fires has been detected thousands of kilometers away in Norway this week, the Scandinavian country’s Institute for Climate and Environment Research said on Friday.

Researcher Nikolaos Evangeliou told AFP that “very weak” concentrations of smoke particles had been detected since Monday, particularly at the Perkenes observatory in southern Norway.

Measurements varied according to the intensity of the fires, wind direction, and precipitation.

“We don’t see dangerous increases or significant increases … so we don’t see any environmental problem (in Norway) and no serious health risks either,” he added.

The largest and most powerful wildfires ever have burned about 3.8 million hectares of Canadian forests and displaced tens of thousands of residents in recent weeks.

The scale is unprecedented, with around 2,300 fires recorded so far this year.

Southern Norway, like most of northern Europe, has also experienced an unusually dry spring and early summer so far.

In southern Norway, no rain has fallen for 16 days and no rain is expected in the coming days.

A three-week ban on outdoor fires was imposed on Thursday.

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