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Despite the shitstorm: Moukoko has a positive reputation at VfB


In the turbulent 3: 3 between VfB Stuttgart and Borussia Dortmund, Youssoufa Moukoko made a nasty cheering action in the direction of VfB keeper Fabian Bredlow. However, the goalkeeper is not unforgiving.

A look back at the 28th matchday in the Bundesliga: BVB was 2-0 up to the 78th minute and even outnumbered players from the 39th minute. But with a double strike within six minutes, VfB Stuttgart equalized shortly before the end of regular time.

In injury time, BVB took the lead again thanks to a goal from Gio Reyna – and at the time was probably sure of a win.

In any case, Moukoko let himself be carried away to a nasty action while cheering. The 18-year-old striker, who was in the penalty area when Reyna scored, ran towards the scorer and made a small detour past VfB keeper Bredlow. Moukoko couldn’t resist a cheering gesture in the direction of the Swabian goalkeeper.

An action that later fell on Moukoko’s feet. In the 97th minute, Stuttgart celebrated the draw with Silas’ last-minute goal. The shit storm on social media was not long in coming.

Moukoko has “a rock in the board” at VfB

Bredlow Moukoko does not take the gesture badly. “At that moment I was just shocked that we still conceded the goal. His jubilation left me relatively cold,” said the 28-year-old to “Sport1” and added: “After the game I went to him and we cleared it up like men. He apologized, we hugged and then it was over for me.”

Bredlow does not believe that Moukoko lost the sympathy of the Stuttgart supporters with the action. “Of course he doesn’t look too good in the situation either, but I think he has something in common with the VfB fans. Last season he scored the decisive goal that prevented us from going into relegation,” according to the former junior international.

Last season, Moukoko scored the 2-1 win for BVB against Hertha BSC on the last day of the game, thereby saving VfB from relegation.

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