Desmond Bane’s Hoodie Setting the Trend | Style Guide

Basketball is not only a popular sport in America but is adored by people worldwide. America’s National Basketball Association (NBA) has organized many competitions that are joined by thousands of live audiences. By not taking your much time, let me ask you- are you a fan of Desmond Bane? Did you say yes? Cool! It’s time to show your love to the Memphis Grizzlies’ logo-printed hoodie. So, all the Desmond Bane lovers join the styling guide. And have a look at the below styles that you can pair up with a Bane’s team logo hoodie. 

➤ Paired with Denim Jacket 

A denim jacket is always a must-have attire for your wardrobe. Pair up the Bane’s team logo hoodie with a washed-out denim jacket. The style is perfect for all seasons and looks pretty cool. Combine the hoodie style with rugged jeans and sneakers. Now you can experience the magic of sports yet street-style fashion! Plus, you can wear it throughout the day to feel comfortable.

➤ Paired with Leather Jacket 

Again this sizzling combination is for the cool boys. The day you admire a tough yet comfy look, grab a biker leather jacket. Pair it with your favorite basketball team hoodie, and get ready to have some Instagrammable clicks. Enhance the look with dark jeans and leather boots. If you are planning a long drive trip then this style will surely catch the attention of the crowd! 

A Unique Styling Tip!

Use a black leather jacket with indigo jeans as the base. Discover the Memphis Grizzlies’ logo printed hoodie and combine it with a pair of Chelsea boots for extra glam up.


➤ Paired with Bomber Jacket 

To have a sport or urban appearance, style the hoodie with a bomber jacket. However, you can be a little bit more creative by going with a printed bomber jacket. Have a complete look with jeans & ankle-length shoes. 

➤Paired with Winter Coat

This style is recommended for cold weather and renders a voguish personality. The winter jackets are easily worn over a hoodie. The in-fashion color jackets for winter are navy, grey, army green, and black. These colors can go with many shades of hoodies. Can combine with jeans or plain sports trousers for a contemporary finish. 

➤ Paired with Formal Trouser 

It’s an eye-catching combination for men who are a bit introverted & casual lovers. Bane’s team logo hoodie can be easily matched with formal trousers. You can look for a hoodie with lighter tones and combine it with dark suit trousers. To give an extra sporty look, remove the blazer as it will still look smarter. 

Desmond Bane is a phenomenal U.S. basketball player. He is recognized for receiving Big 12 Newcomer of the Week honors after scoring 18 points against Bradley. It’s said that style speaks louder than words. So, all the Bane lovers can follow the above tips by showing the style with love to Bane. Also, be a part of the trend.