Designer Vs. Mass Market Clothing – What’s The Difference

Both fashion designers and mass-market clothing designers have a similar objective—designing wearable clothing products. However, these two professions do have key differences. Typically, mass-market clothing designers produce useful, practical, and utilitarian types of clothing for everyday use. Fashion designers, on the other hand, create wearable or designer works of art. 

However, most people still wonder what differentiates fashion designers from mass-market clothing designers. In this post, we shall help you understand the differences in each category. 

Fashion designers

Typically, fashion designers work in different settings—either as costume designers in the arts and performing industry, as large retail companies, or as independent practitioners. Some of the key traits of fashion designers include a keen eye for detail, creativity, and the ability to get along with different types of personalities. The fashion design industry is very competitive, and people working in the industry must have a go-getter attitude if they want to succeed. 

Notable things about fashion designers

Knowledge of fashion trends

Fashion trends are ever-changing, and this part of the industry. Thus, fashion designers must keep themselves updated with the ever-changing fashion trends across the world. This gives the designers the ability to have new ideas for their products. 

Creating fashionable clothes to accommodate market demands is very challenging. Thus, if you can produce clothing designs that meet or surpass the market expectations, you must get an appreciation for the industry. 


Creativity is essential for designers. It assists them to create new products, and these products can create a big demand in the industry. This demand will ultimately make you gain a lot of fame and money. Thus, anyone thinking of becoming a fashion designer must have a creative mind for them to succeed in the industry. 

Good knowledge of fabrics

You cannot design clothes without fabric. Thus, the first thing that fashion designers should do if they want to design is to get fabric. Having a good knowledge of fabrics will allow you to select the right and best fabric for your project. When buying fabric, you’ll need to choose the right and quality materials—otherwise, your products will not stand out in the market. 

Knowledge of where to source your materials

To create designer and fashionable clothes, you will need to get fabric, accessories, and trims, as well as other relevant materials. Thus, having a good knowledge of these materials and where to get them is essential if you want to succeed in the industry. This is also essential, as it helps you to determine the cost of your products. 

Mass market clothing designers

Today’s fashion industry depends more on mass-market clothing designers. These designers cater for a wide range of clients. Moreover, they produce ready-to-wear clothing products in standard sizes and large quantities. Besides, mass-market designers creatively use cheap materials to produce affordable clothes. Unlike fashion designers, mass-market clothing designers sell their clothes at outlet stores, such as the VIA Jurmala outlet, because of the price factor. 

One interesting and notable thing about mass-market designers is their ability to adapt to the design trends set by major brand names in the industry. Typically, they will lay low to make sure that a certain design has a market catch before creating their types of original designs. For the designers in the industry to save time and money, they use simple production techniques and cheaper fabrics when designing their clothes. Thus, their products are much cheaper than the products created by designers. 

Designers in the mass-market clothing industry have a different objective. Typically, they focus on areas related to fashion design by:

  • Being compliant with the brand identity of other designers in the industry.
  • Designing affordable clothing that fits the budget of most of the consumers in the market.
  • Using materials that are attractive and durable.
  • Considering different body types when designing clothes.
  • Coming up with designs that are ideal for mass production. 

Just like fashion designers, mass-market clothing designers also research about the current market trends, create outlines for their designs and samples, and then present these ideas to decision-makers. Besides, they will also take part in trade shows, as well as collaborate with experts in the industry. All in all, their main goal is to create fashion designs that will attract many customers, who are not ready to spend a lot of money on their clothing.