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Design Ideas for Home Additions 


As house prices and the cost of living continue to rise, the option of moving house is becoming less of an option for many homeowners. So, if space is getting cramped in your current home how do you maximise the space that you have? 

Extending your living space may be a popular trend but for many it’s essential for good mental health to have a space where children can play, studies can be undertaken, or the simple luxury of a quiet cuppa can be enjoyed without getting under each other’s feet. 

Many homeowners are now creating accounts on social platforms to showcase their homes and journal their journey as they renovate a shell into a family home. As a nation, we love a ‘doer-upper’, so instead of moving home which can come at a great cost, why not upgrade, and expand your existing home?

We have put together a guide to help inspire you with some different design ideas you can add to your home and garden to increase your space. Whether entertainment space, a home office, or a man cave, investing in a little space for you can have a radical transformation on your family lifestyle.


Conservatories have been a firm fixture as an option for extending your property for years. Offering a pleasant seating area to enjoy the view of your garden without the chill in cooler months, they can be opened to the outdoors when it’s warmer outside. 

Conservatories don’t have to be a sitting room, why not create a fresh space for dining ‘al fresco’ (without the wasps) or make it warm and cosy for your weekly date night with the use of candles and dimmed lighting. 

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Garden Sheds

A typical ‘man cave’, sheds are a great storage facility in which to store gardening tools, lawn mowers etc. But a shed doesn’t need to look boring and unloved.  Why not paint it a pastel shade to complement your garden space?  Simply spruce it up with a window box and maybe a hanging basket or two and voilà! You now have a design feature that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing when people enter your garden. 

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Raised Decks 

Adding a raised deck to your garden can really become a focal point for your garden’s overall design. A lovely spot to sit on when the sun is shining, many homeowners are opting for decking over the likes of patio slabs or gravel because it is a safer surface to walk on. Raised decks have become a popular trend especially when used with hot tubs. A permanently installed fire pit will transform your garden into an entertaining space for cosy evenings. 

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Garden Rooms 

Garden rooms are becoming an increasingly popular feature in British gardens.  With many companies electing to offer hybrid working, these versatile extensions to your property are being used as home offices, to separate work from the distractions of the home.  Another option is to install a home gym. With gyms being closed in lockdown, many fitness fans took to buying their own equipment and so home gyms became very popular. Garden rooms providing a place where equipment can be stored permanently without being turned into a clothes horse! 

Other options include freelance or self-employed business owners. Creating a beauty treatment set up or sports massage studio gives you the space to run your business from home in a tranquil environment without the overheads of renting commercial space. Creating a sanctuary within a garden room may just enable you to find relaxing somewhere to get away from the rate race. If you are a keen indoor plant enthusiast a garden room gives you an ideal place to keep your plants in one place. 

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Garages can provide a useful storage space for cars or camping gear etc. However, many cars are too wide to fit in the garage and that space could be made even more useful by expanding your home into the space. A connected garage makes an ideal space for a new kitchen, with room for plenty of cabinets and a floating island. If your home doesn’t have a garage connected, some houses have a real need for them. You would need to apply for planning permission but doing so may radically increase your space. In addition to a kitchen, your garage could be made into a utility room to keep all laundry appliances or a bedroom for a returning university student. Installing a home bar or entertainment room may just take the strain off other smaller rooms win your home.

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Have you considered installing a greenhouse? These glass-panelled features have been around for decades for storing sprouting plants, fruits, and vegetables, in our cooler British climate. Recently, many green-fingered homeowners have been opting to create larger and more spectacular ‘garden kitchens’. Essentially, these are extensions of your vegetable plot with large, raised beds and potting tables inside perfect for growing your own organic fruit and vegetables from the comfort of your own garden. 

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Whether conservatories, decking, sheds, or garden rooms; garages or greenhouses, as a nation we have been finding creative ways to expand and maximise our limited space for many centuries. This guide has outlined a few of them which may prove useful in inspiring you to explore the possibilities of utilising your space more effectively.

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