Demonstrators to march in Peter Dutton's office in support of the Tamil family

The daughters removed from their home with their family

Around 100 friends and supporters of a Tamil family, facing deportation, marched in the rain to Peter Dutton's office in Queensland to demand that the Minister of the Interior intervene in his case.

The family friend, Marie Austin, says that if Mr. Dutton can intervene for the au pairs, then he should be able to help.

Nades and Priya arrived in Australia separately by boat in 2012 and 2013 following the civil war in Sri Lanka and settled in Biloela with a temporary bridge visa, which sold out in March.

Since then, the couple and their daughters have been detained for immigration in Melbourne after border force officials pulled them out of their home during a raid at dawn.

Nadesalingam and Priya and their two children have been detained since March.


Supporters want the family to be released from immigration detention and return to the city of Biloela.

Local residents of the rural city in central Queensland, who have been fighting for their liberation since then, fear what might happen to the family if they are sent back to Sri Lanka.

The campaign has seen a large billboard, with a picture of the family, erected near Mr. Dutton's Brisbane office.

Fans enraged by the au pair saga

This week's supporters took advantage of the au pair saga involving Mr. Dutton, saying that if he can intervene to save foreign au pairs from detention, he should act to help the family.

Simone Cameron helped raise cash to pay for the billboard, which features a large photo of the Tamil couple Nades and Priya and their daughters of Australian origin, aged three and one.

She says that Mr. Dutton must act to help free the family and take them home.

"He has flatly refused to acknowledge the overwhelming campaign that the residents of Biloela have made … while in this case of au pair, we see that some people catch the attention of Minister Dutton," said Ms. Cameron.

"No favor has been done with this favors thing for a couple, it makes us all wonder why."

Protest of the Tamil family

Rally to stop the deportation of Priya, Nades and their children to Sri Lanka, at the Melbourne State Library (AAP)


Friends of the Marie Austin family, Margot Plant, Vashini Nirojan and Chandra Roulston will lead the fans on a silent march from the billboard site to the nearby Mr Dutton office in Strathpine on Saturday.

Follows a previous march made by supporters outside the State Library of Victoria in Melbourne in June.