Dem Eric Swalwell releases ad showing a woman getting arrested at gunpoint for having an abortion

Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell drew fire from Republicans after he released a new ad claiming the GOP wants women to be arrested for having abortions.

The ad opens with a family around the dining table and there is a knock on the door. Outside are two officers claiming to have a warrant for the mother’s arrest for “illegal termination of pregnancy.”

“That’s my personal business,” the woman says. “That’s up to the courts to decide,” the police said.

The mother is then arrested at gunpoint while her children cry and her husband protests.

‘Elections have consequences. Vote for the Democrat on November 8,” the ad reads. “Stop Republicans from criminalizing abortion everywhere.”

“MAGA Republicans want women to be arrested for abortion. This is what that looks like. #LockHerUp,” Swalwell said in a tweet accompanying the video.

The ad was poorly received by conservatives, many of whom have ensured that they do not demand consequences for the woman having the abortion performed.

Two officers stand outside claiming mother’s arrest warrant for ‘illegitimate termination of pregnancy’

“That’s my personal business,” the woman says. “That’s up to the courts to decide,” the police said

The mother is then arrested at gunpoint while her children cry and her husband protests

Senator Lindsey Graham’s law, which would ban abortion after 15 weeks, prohibits doctors from performing the procedure, but contains no penalties for a woman who wants to have an abortion.

Former President Trump in March 2016, then new to the anti-abortion movement, was roundly mocked by pro-life activists for saying there should be “some sort of punishment” for women who have illegal abortions.

Then-rival Ted Cruz chided him for the remark: “Once again Donald Trump has shown that he has not seriously thought about the issues, and he will say anything to get attention,” he said in a statement. “Of course we shouldn’t talk about punishing women; we should affirm their dignity and the incredible gift they have for bringing life into the world.”

In 2019, Pennsylvania GOP gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano, then a state senator, said women should be charged with murder for obtaining illegal abortions, but has since distanced himself from the comments, claiming his personal views ” irrelevant’ because the legislature must write laws.

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“The only thing I take from this is that Eric Swalwell has an incredibly offensive, despicable, hateful view of law enforcement,” Conservative radio host Larry O’Connor said of the new ad. “Eric Swalwell is a garbage man.”

“I don’t think there is a single Republican candidate who has run for national office that has proposed arresting women for abortions. Oh well. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story!’ said Ben Kew, editor of the bilingual conservative platform El American.

However, some Democrats were moved by the ad.

“This ad is horrifying. I hope everyone looks at it and takes its message to heart,” New York public defender Eliza Orlins wrote on Twitter.

“MAGA Republicans want women to be arrested for abortion. This is what that looks like. #LockHerUp,” Representative Eric Swalwell said in a tweet accompanying the video

“This is the most powerful ad I’ve seen,” Fred Guttenberg, an activist whose daughter died in the Parkland shooting, wrote on Twitter.


Swalwell is running for reelection to California’s 14th district, a safe Democratic seat.

However, Republicans prefer to take back control in his room.

Democrats had hoped that the overthrow of Roe v. Wade would provide them with a political boon in the midterm elections.

A New York Times/Sienna College poll released Monday found that just 5 percent of likely voters say abortion is the top problem facing this country. Twenty-six percent say the economy is the main problem and another 18 percent say inflation.

Democratic candidates, the party’s campaign arm, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and affiliated super PACS have spent more than $18 million broadcasting more than 100 abortion-focused TC ads in four dozen battlefield regions, according to data from media tracking company AdImpact obtained by Politics.

That amount is three times what Democrats spent on abortion ads during the entire 2018 general election.

At least seven super PACS have focused their message on abortion rights, as has the DCCC. According to AdImpact, outside groups have spent more than 40 percent of their total TV spend on abortion ads.

The ads largely portray Republicans as extremists who want to take away half of the country’s rights, while Republicans shun the matter and focus on crime, inflation and the border.


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