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Delivery driver suspended after speeding 22 times on one road in just three weeks


A laundry delivery driver who was caught 22 times on the same road in less than three weeks has been suspended for 15 months.

Peter McPherson, 58, was caught speeding while working for Galicia Laundry, which supplies bed linen, towels and clothing to London hotels, restaurants and spas.

All offenses were committed between 15 July and 1 August 2022 on the same 30mph section of the A40 Westway viaduct.

Mr McPherson told reporters with the Evening Standard in March that he hoped magistrates would not impose a driving ban as it would affect his work.

But at a hearing earlier in May, he was given 67 demerit points on his driver’s license and disqualified from driving for the next 14 months.

He was also ordered to pay £525 in fines, as well as £210 victim surcharge and £90 in prosecution costs.

The section of the A40 where he committed his offenses became 30mph in 2020, first for a temporary period during repairs, but then as a permanent change.

McPherson, who already had seven points on his driver’s license, said he was “gutted” about the suspension.

“I’ve been driving that stretch of road for years,” he said.

“I was very shocked when I received all those fines at work. There were a whole bunch.”

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