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Delicious recipes from Weight Watchers that only take 30 minutes to make

ALL food and drink on myWW has an assigned SmartPoints value, an easy-to-use number that leads you to a healthier eating pattern.

SmartPoints values ​​are based on three important components: calories, saturated fat and sugar and the amount of protein in the ingredients.

If you become a member of WW, you will receive a personalized SmartPoints Budget according to the color plan on which you are placed (see below), tailored to your height, weight, gender and age.

You can also enjoy a full list of ZeroPoint foods, with a SmartPoints value of 0. These can be eaten without worrying about portion size or weight.

Non-starchy fruits and vegetables count as ZeroPoint foods in all plans, but the number of ingredients on your ZeroPoint foods list will be different for each. In general, the more ZeroPoint foods your plan contains, the fewer daily SmartPoints you’ll have to use.

If you want to know if Green, Blue or Purple suits you best, take WW’s simple online assessment (see WW.com) or choose the plan that appeals to you the most.


This offers the smallest list of ZeroPoint foods, but the highest daily SmartPoints budget of at least 30. ZeroPoint foods contain more than 100 fruits and vegetables, but you have a higher SmartPoints reimbursement. Green gives you flexibility when spending your SmartPoints, for example for eating out.


Blue is essentially the former WW Freestyle plan – with a daily SmartPoints budget of at least 23, you can build meals around more than 200 ZeroPoint foods. These include lean proteins, seafood, fat-free dairy products, beans and eggs.


Purple has the longest ZeroPoint nutrition list (300), including potatoes, whole-grain pasta and grains. This is compensated by the smallest daily SmartPoints Budget of 16.

You lose the same amount of weight on all subscriptions as long as you do not exceed your SmartPoints Budget (a healthy percentage of weight loss is ½ to 2 pounds a week).

You also receive an additional weekly SmartPoints allowance for treats and you can transfer a maximum of four unused SmartPoints from your daily budget. Earning FitPoints increases your SmartPoints budget. The earned FitPoints vary from person to person, but as a rough guide, a half-hour walk, for example, can earn 2 FitPoints.