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DEL star blocked after beating attack


The Adler Mannheim have to do without David Wolf in the play-offs of the German Ice Hockey League (DEL) for the time being.

As the league announced, the attacker was banned for three games, so he can be used in a possible sixth game of the series against ERC Ingolstadt at the earliest. Wolf (33) also has to pay a fine of an undisclosed amount.

Wolf lost control at 3-6 in the second game of the series on Sunday. Shortly before the end he attacked Daniel Pietta and kept hitting the Ingolstadt player, who didn’t want to fight at all.

Even when Pietta lay on the ice and held his hands protectively over the back of his head, Wolf continued to beat. In the game, Wolf only received a five-minute penalty.

It is 1-1 in the semi-final series, four wins are required to reach the final.

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