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Define ‘indigenous’: Liberals ask Labor for Voice for details


The Federal Opposition is pressing Labor to establish race-based guidelines to establish who will be covered by Voice.

Opposition Indigenous Australians spokesman Julian Leeser says the Albanian government needs to clarify the definition of Aboriginal as a matter of urgency.

In a letter to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese earlier this year, opposition leader Peter Dutton asked the proposed Voice 15 questions, including whether the government will confirm the definition of Aboriginal to determine who can sit on the body.

When asked if this question was insulting to indigenous people, Leeser said there were multiple definitions and the government needed to specify which one it would use for the Voice.

“This is a matter for the government to clarify,” he told Sky News on Sunday.

‘How will they be chosen?’

“We have asked the government to provide answers to that, as we have asked them to provide answers on who will be elected (and) how they will be elected.”

Leeser said that people, including indigenous Australians, were asking this question.

The Liberal Party has yet to decide its position on the Voice, while the Nationals oppose it.

The referendum on voice will take place in the second half of this year, with the working group on indigenous voice finalizing its advice to the government.

The legislation is expected to be tabled in parliament at the end of the month and will contain the wording of the question to be made public.


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