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Deaths of two greyhounds in 10 days at the same track prompt calls for urgent independent inspector

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An anti-greyhound racing group says “unnecessary” deaths of greyhounds will continue as the South Australian government hopes to appoint an independent commissioner for the sport.

It comes after two greyhounds died within 10 days at Mount Gambier racecourse in the state’s south east.

Stewards’ reports show that a 19-month-old greyhound named Menari One was on his second run on Sunday when the dog suffered a fracture to his hind legs and was euthanized.

On April 11, another greyhound at Mount Gambier, named Marty’s Delight, was also on his second run when he suffered the same injury and was euthanized.

The Greyhound Protection Coalition said 37 animals have died in track incidents this year in Australia, including 11 in April so far.

South Africa’s state director Elle Trahair said greyhound deaths were still occurring despite promises to reform the industry.

“The rate of injuries and deaths in the greyhound racing industry is common and what we are seeing now [at Mount Gambier] is in line with the statistics,” he said.

The director of the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds SA, Elle Trahair.(ABC News)

“The industry is moving on a schedule,” says animal safety advocate

An inquiry into the sport in South Africa last year made a series of recommendations to improve animal safety in the industry and changes will be implemented within two years or the sport could be banned.

It also recommended the state government appoint an independent greyhound racing reform inspector to oversee the changes, but the position is still not filled despite this year’s Easter deadline.

Trahair said industry oversight would be insufficient while the position remained vacant.

Greyhound legs and lower torso while the animal runs.
An independent investigation into greyhound racing in South Africa found there was an “urgent need” to reform the industry.(Pixabay: herbert2512)

“The industry is on a timetable, it needs to be looked at seriously and I think the state government’s delay in appointing an inspector is sending a pretty strong message that it’s not really a priority for them,” he said.

“They need to step up and appoint an inspector as soon as possible because this problem is not going to go away by burying your head in the sand and hoping that it will.”

A government spokesperson said: “The process to appoint a Greyhound industry reform inspector is well underway and the government will make an announcement in due course.”

The Greyhound Racing SA logo on a wall.

Greyhound Racing SA has established a working group to implement the recommendations set out in the independent review.(ABC News)

Incidents ‘on the decline’: GRSA

Greyhound Racing SA (GRSA) recorded the death of both animals at Mount Gambier in its stewards’ reports, but the sight of Menari One’s death has been removed from its website.

Trahair said this showed the industry lacked transparency and greyhound deaths did not “meet community expectations”.

GRSA said it took all cases of serious injury and humane euthanasia seriously and reviewed each case.

“These incidents are becoming increasingly rare due to industry-led initiatives such as improvements in track and racing safety, the attendance of veterinary surgeons at all race meetings, and the Veterinary Reimbursement Program. injuries on the track, which ensures rehabilitation of injuries whenever possible,” he said.

“The vast majority of injuries sustained on South African greyhound tracks are minor and greyhounds can return to racing within 10 days.”

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