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Deadpool 3 brings back a fan-favorite character from Deadpool 2


A new report from Deadline Rob Delaney, who was arguably one of the funniest characters in Deadpool 2, will return in Deadpool 3.

The report confirmed that he had finalized a deal to return for a third Deadpool movie. If you’re not familiar with Delaney’s character in Deadpool 2, the actor played Peter, who is a member of the X-Force despite not having mutant powers.

Rob Delaney as fan-favorite character Peter in Deadpool 2. Source: IMDB.

But what Peter lacks in superpowers and mutant abilities, he makes up for in comedy. Delaney’s performance in the second film is considered one of the most notable moments in Deadpool 2. Even before the film was released, it was revealed that Peter has Secret Twitter accountin which the fictional character shares information about her life, including the fact that he A fan of Friends seriesand that He is married to a woman named Susan.

In addition to Delaney, Deadpool 3’s returning cast includes Stefan Kapicek and Morena Baccarin, who will reprise their roles as Colossus and Vanessa, respectively. Plus, Ryan Reynolds will of course return in the title role, and Hugh Jackman has also been confirmed to join the film as Wolverine, although Wolverine will be a completely different character than we’ve seen before. (Maybe we’ll finally see him in his yellow suit!)

Deadpool 3 hits theaters on November 8, 2024. Unlike the first two films, it will be the third film under the MCU umbrella (although it will maintain its R rating for adults).

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