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Dead Island 2 has only just come out, and impressive sales figures are already coming in – WhatsNew2Day


Dead Island 2 was originally announced in 2014 but only came out a few days ago.

We had to wait nine years for Dead Island 2, now it’s finally here for a few days. And within a very short time it turns out: Dambuster Studios zombie chops are selling really well!

Dead Island 2 is a success

Since its release on April 21, 2023, Dead Island 2 has already evolved in just three days sold over a million copies. A good record in any case – especially considering the tough development history of the game.

Can we expect new sequels or at least DLCs? Wait. Dambuster Studios or Deep Silver have not yet commented on this.

By the way: Dead Island 2 is also doing quite well with the press and the players. Although opinions differ, the general consensus is that Dead Island 2 is a fun zombie game with a beautiful game world that shines in co-op.

You can of course read or watch our test and test video as follows:

Quite a lot of chopped up zombies

Publisher Deep Silver not only shared the official sales figures, but also gave an insight into how excessively players have already let off steam in Dead Island 2:

  • In total, a total of over 11 million hours of play
  • Gamers have died at 28 million, twice the number of Los Angeles residents
  • 45 million zombies were split in half by players…does that double the number of zombies?
  • More than 756 million zombie limbs have been chopped off
  • Players have already hunted down 1.1 billion zombies.

What is your experience with Dead Island 2 so far: How much do you like the game so far? What new features and improvements would you wish for in future updates or maybe even possible DLCs and expansions? Let us know in the comments!

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