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Dark and Darker: Studio collects $46,000 from fans in lawsuit, now site is gone


Dark and Darker is briefly raising funds for the lawsuit, but the relevant page will be removed.

Shortly after an extremely successful demo phase, Dark and Darker disappeared from Steam. A little later it became known that the development studio Ironmace was accused of having stolen the idea and assets for the game. The developers contradicted the allegations, and now a team member published an appeal for donations, which was only visible for a few hours.

They want to bleed us dry

Shortly after Dark and Darker became known through a Steam demo, there was some trouble about the title. The aforementioned allegations came from publisher Nexon, where a large part of Dark and Darker’s development team had previously worked. There they had been working on a discontinued project called P3 that, according to Nexon, was essentially the same game.

Meanwhile, Dark and Darker even had to disappear due to a cease and desist letter from Steam:

The Ironmace developers, on the other hand, see themselves as right and published alleged evidence intended to prove innocence. On April 1st, an appeal for donations was posted on Discord asking for money to help fund the legal battle, among other things PC Gamer reports.

A developer claims in the call that Nexon is only trying to bankrupt Ironmace with high legal fees and actually has no evidence or even clues that ideas and assets have been stolen. The publisher’s goal is to bleed out by court costs to permit.

Meanwhile, both the Discord post and the ability to donate on GoFundMe have been removed, although in less than an hour already $46,000 donated became. One of Ironmace’s chief developers posted one about this opinion:

An announcement was posted this morning regarding a GoFundMe link to support Ironmace. The link is legitimate but should be posted later if necessary. It was published by a passionate team member who took matters into his own hands. We paused the campaign because it was announced early. (…)

We apologize for the confusion caused and will take appropriate steps to resolve the issue in the next few hours. We will make another announcement on how we are handling the GoFundMe link. Thanks to you all!

At the current time, the announced statement is still pending, we will keep you informed about the development.

What is Dark and Darker anyway?

Dark and Darker first appeared as a free demo at the Steam Next Fest in February 2023 and was instantly popular: over 100,000 players tried the title and we also ventured into the dungeon.

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