Danny Masterson’s accuser sobs on the stand as she recalls alleged sexual abuse

One of the alleged rape victims of TV star Danny Masterson tearfully told his jury today that she thought he would “kill” her during a second sexual encounter with the That ’70s Show actor.

“He grabbed my throat and squeezed really hard,” Jane Doe 1 told the court. “I thought I was going to die, that he was going to kill me.”

The woman, now 48, burst into tears on the witness stand as she told her poignant story and Judge Charlaine Olmedo called for a 10-minute break to help her regain her composure.

Her testimony today was about her relationship with Masterson at his home in April 2003, seven months after their first sexual date there in which she woke up and anally penetrated him, she told the jury yesterday.

Jane Doe 1 took the stand and sobbed as she told the jury, ‘I thought I was going to die, that he was going to kill me’

Masterson pleaded not guilty to raping three women at his Hollywood Hills home between 2001 and 2003

At the second meeting at the actor’s house, Masterson handed over her “very sweet, fruity” drink with vodka in it, she said. And later he grabbed her wrists and told her she was going in his jacuzzi.

She said no and tried to resist, but after drinking half the cocktail, she added, “I felt weak. I had no strength.’

He took her out into the yard and threw her partially clothed into the jacuzzi, where she told the court. “I wasn’t feeling well — I felt like I could fall asleep and slip under the water of the jacuzzi,” she said.

“My breathing was shallow. Something was wrong. I couldn’t see – I couldn’t open my eyes.’

Court heard Masterson threatening one of his rape accusers with a gun when she told fellow Scientologist Lisa Marie Presley about the alleged abuse

Feeling sick and wanting to get sick, she managed to get out of the jacuzzi and Masterson carried her upstairs to his bathroom where he stuck his fingers down her throat to make her vomit, the court heard.

She passed out, she said, but was awakened by Masterson’s voice saying, “You’re fucking disgusting. You just vomited all over your hair. You have to take a shower. He dragged me into the shower.

‘I came to in the shower. I lay on the floor and he stroked my chest with his hand……’

Masterson picked her up, told her to his bedroom and “threw me on the bed,” she added. ‘I fainted.

“When I woke up, he was on top of me and his penis was inside me. I had no clothes on.’

She told the jury that she told Masterson to stop, grabbed a pillow and shoved it in his face to push him away.

“But he pushed it back harder in my face. I was suffocated. I couldn’t breathe. I became unconscious.

“When I came to, he was still on top of me…..I grabbed his throat.

“He grabbed my throat and squeezed really hard. I thought I was going to die, that he was going to kill me. I couldn’t breathe.

He said to me, ‘You like this. You’re not gonna fucking tell Lisa. You’re not gonna fucking tell Paige…’

Asked by District Deputy Reinhold Mueller for clarification, Jane Doe 2 said Masterson was referring to her Scientologist friends, Lisa Marie Presley, and another friend, Paige.

At this point in the incident, there was commotion outside the bedroom with knocking on the door and a screaming male voice, she continued.

Masterson pulled a gun from his bedside table and as he held it, she said, he said to me, ‘Shut up’… ‘Don’t move. Do not move.’

She passed out again, she said, and when she awoke to see Masterson gone, she crawled off the bed and into a closet where she curled up in a fetal position and went to sleep.’

Jane Doe 1 described how Masterson allegedly threw her into his jacuzzi, raped her and then pointed a gun at her, telling her, “Don’t say a ridiculous word.” Masterson can be seen in a court sketch

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Masterson faces up to 45 years to life in prison if found guilty. He has been seen with wife Bijou Phillips

Earlier today, Jane Doe 1 revealed that Lisa Marie Presley hadn’t believed her when she told her about Masterson’s first alleged assault in September 2002.

“No way – I can’t believe he did that,” Presley said when told about the alleged attack,” 48-year-old Jane Doe 1 told the court.

She added that other Scientology friends were angry with her for talking about the incident.

In particular her best friend Paige – who worked for Masterson as his personal assistant.

“Paige was very angry with me for talking about her boss,” she told the court. “She said her life was hell (after the incident).”

She told the court that several of her Scientology friends wrote “Knowledge Reports” (KRs), in which they reported telling stories about a fellow Scientologist, which they submitted to the Church of Scientology.

She was summoned by her Scientology Ethics Officer, who gave her several weeks of a handling course aimed at re-educating her in the practices of Scientology, which prohibits talking about another Scientologist outside of school, especially a with Masterson’s standing in the Church.

Jane Doe 1 told the jury that she had been pressured by her friend Brie and the Church of Scientology to “make peace, shake hands and bury the hatchet” with Masterson over the September 2002 incident.

“They wanted me to stop blaming Masterson and say I probably wasn’t an unwilling participant,” she said.

She added that according to Scientology teachings, “You can never be a victim. Nothing ever happens to you that you didn’t cause yourself…..however terrible.’

Masterson played the wisecracking Steven Hyde on That ’70s Show from 1998 to 2006

Deputy District Attorney Reinhold Mueller told the jury of nine men and nine women (12 plus six deputies) on Tuesday that Masterson’s alleged victim Jane Doe 1 grew up as a Scientologist and had an “almost brother-sister relationship with him.”

So when — after drinking a vodka or two of grapefruit — she laughed it off when Masterson began pulling her up the stairs at his home one September 2002 evening, the court heard the testimony on the first day.

She felt “very fuzzy” from the booze and the two went to bed where they had sex,” Mueller said. “But then he turned her over and penetrated her anally with his penis. She was very upset… she tried to fight him off.

“She considered the (vaginal) sex to be consensual, but she didn’t consent to anal penetration.”

Jane Doe 1 admitted she was paid $400,000 after signing a nondisclosure agreement in September 2004 that prevented her from talking about the April 2003 sexual encounter.

She told the court that she “felt I had to sign the NDA” because on the day she signed it, she had a deadline in which, if she didn’t sign by 6 p.m., she would be passed by the Church of Scientology.

It was her fear of being excommunicated by the church that forced her to wait a year before going to the Hollywood police in June 2004 to report Masterson for his alleged rape during their second sexual date.

Explaining why she waited so long to report to Masterson, she told the jury, “If I denounced another Scientologist, I would be guilty of a high crime (in the Scientology doctrine)”

That would mean declaring her an “oppressive person” and “permanent expulsion” from the church, she added.

‘My life would be over. My parents (both Scientologists) should disconnect from me. My daughter (who was seven or eight at the time) was supposed to be out of school. I couldn’t go anywhere.

“And if my parents kept in touch with me, they would be declared oppressive.”

Masterson appeared in Los Angeles Criminal Court today in a dark blue jacket, gray shirt and tie, and gray pants.

His wife, actress Bijou Phillips, also 46, and dressed in a gray and yellow plaid dress, was with him along with an entourage of other family members.

Masterson, 46, who has been released on $3.3 million bail since his arrest in June 2020, pleaded not guilty to raping three women at his Hollywood Hills home between 2001 and 2003.

He faces a prison term of 45 years to life if convicted at the end of his trial with ex-Scientologist Presley on the witness list.

His accusers – whom DailyMail.com only identifies as Jane Does 1 through 3 – are all former Scientologists and are also suing him and the Church of Scientology in civil court, alleging they have been harassed and harassed since joining him. reported to the police.


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