Daniel Craig reveals he suggested James Bond’s death after his FIRST outing as suave secret agent

Daniel Craig knew from the moment Casino Royale was released that he wanted James Bond’s death.

The 54-year old actor made his acting debut in 2006’s blockbuster as the suave spy. He didn’t expect his tenure to last more that one movie. 

He was elated by the film’s positive reception and asked Barbara Broccoli, his producer, to develop a long-term strategy for his character.

Looking ahead: Daniel Craig knew, within days of Casino Royale’s debut, that he wanted James Bond die 

He Telled Sunday Times Culture magazine: “I was driving away from Casino Royale’s Berlin premiere with Barbara Broccoli. I really thought I would only do one Bond movie. Then it would be over. We knew we had a hit. 

“I realized the enormity of it so I said to Barbara: “How many more?” Three? Four?” She said, “Four!” I said, “Four!” She said, “Yes.”‘

Despite the agreement Daniel returned for a fifth film, 2021’s “No Time To Die”, but he acknowledged that plans for Bond’s death had to remain secret because studio bosses weren’t thrilled about the idea.

Swansong: The actor returned to the screen for No Time To Die in 2021, but he said that he had to keep secret his plans for Bond’s death because studio bosses were not thrilled.

He I was reminded that I said, “This will do it.” I don’t want to do any more.” We can start over if Bond is killed. Barbara believed the same thing. 

‘But they, bless them MGM studio were like, “What are your talking about?” Are you out of control? There was reluctance. We had to do it secretly, really. 

Bond was killed in an explosion in the film after he decided to stay on an isolated island after being infected with a biological weapon that would prevent him from touching his lover Dr. Madeleine Swann (played by Lea Seydoux) or their daughter. Daniel felt it was the right thing to do to end his life.

Uncertain: ‘… MGM was, like, “What the heck are you talking? Are you out of control? There was reluctance. He recalled that there was reluctance. 

He “Real tragedy happens when you have no choice.” We had no other choice but to make his death inevitable. 

‘It was the happiest Bond had ever been because he’d found exactly what he was looking for. He was looking for love, just like everyone else on Earth. 

Daniel addressed the old James Bond plotlines in past films, such as the idea that Bond girls can be glamorous disposable.

Plot twist: The film saw Bond killed in an explosion after opting to stay on an island after being deliberately infected by a biological weapon

He Lorraine said: “Certainly, a lot of what happened in the earlier movies are sort of questionable now… different time periods but we didn’t want to lose its essence.” [in the new film]. It’s still a Bond film.

“I’ve been allowed to have free rein to influence it, but that’s not something I ever forgot. You can have all the key elements and things that people love over the years, but you have to adapt. 

“One of my greatest things is that all the characters, especially the female ones, have to be brilliantly believable.

Main man: Daniel starred five James Bond films before he was cast in the 2021 film No Time To Die  

Daniel also told Lorraine about becoming overcome with emotion when he shot his final scene as Bond.

“Everybody came up – all heads of departments came down, and I thought, “Oh, God, I must give a speech, this would be my worst nightmare.” It all just came out. I tried to keep my cool.

“All of those people that I go to work every day, especially on this movie, the collective effort that was so huge and meaningful to me that everyone put so much work in – that is what I’ll miss so much.

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