Daniel Andrews’ victory speech. Premier’s Covid speech in Victoria Election 2022 results.

Jubilant Daniel Andrews raises his fists and declares ‘vaccines work!’ as he wins historic third term victory while trumpeting his controversial blockades and ‘unpopular’ policies, even though he costs Victoria BILLIONS

  • Dan Andrews has won a historic third term in the Victorian state election
  • ABC election analyst Antony Green predicted that Labor will win the majority government
  • Andrews became a divisive figure in Australia due to hardline Covid policies
  • It was run on the platform of a free kindergarten and a state-owned renewable energy company
  • However, he declared that ‘vaccines work’ in a jubilant victory speech in Melbourne.

A jubilant Daniel Andrews raised his fists and declared that ‘vaccines work’ as he celebrated his historic third-term victory on Saturday night.

Andrews, whose party was predicted to win 49 seats and an outright majority, took the stage with his family at a party at their Mulgrave headquarters in Melbourne.

In a triumphant victory speech, he trumpeted his controversial anti-Covid policies, which included a 263-day lockdown, the longest in the world.

He said: ‘My friends, these last few years have been incredibly challenging. We have had to make some very difficult decisions, some very difficult decisions, and Victorian families and businesses across our state have had a very difficult time.

‘This was a one-in-100-year event. And because of the difficult decisions that we made, and… the fact that the Victorians stuck together… we went out and got vaccinated. Because vaccines work.

‘As a community we were not, as some would say, divided. Instead, we were united in our faith in science.

Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews celebrates during his victory speech at the Labor election party

Mr Andrews Arrives With His Wife And Children To Give A Victory Speech After Winning A Third Term As Premier Of Victoria.

Mr Andrews arrives with his wife and children to give a victory speech after winning a third term as Premier of Victoria.

‘That sense of kindness, that sense of connection…has been confirmed today. Friends, hope always wins out over hate.’

Around 10:50 p.m. on Saturday, Matthew Guy finally gave a concession speech.

“Publish at this election that we come together as Victorians knowing that the best of our state must be ahead of us, not behind us,” he told the party faithful in Doncaster on Saturday night.

“There have been some truly tremendous changes to our side of politics in Melbourne’s north and west, changes in excess of 15 per cent approaching 20 per cent in Melbourne’s north and west suburbs.”

The major networks – ABC, Sky, Seven and Nine – called the race for Andrews shortly after 8:00 p.m.

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews Trumpeted His Controversial Covid Policies, Which Included A 263-Day Lockdown, The Longest In The World.

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews trumpeted his controversial Covid policies, which included a 263-day lockdown, the longest in the world.

His government will maintain its majority, with ABC election analyst Antony Green calling for at least 48 seats for the ALP.

“The Andrews government is ready to be returned,” he said.

“Congratulations @DanielAndrewsMP what a great win,” Prime Minister Anthony Albanese tweeted shortly after the result was announced.

The result drew cheers from Labor supporters gathered at the party’s election night party at the Mulgrave Prime Minister’s headquarters in south-east Melbourne.

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