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Daniel Andrews refuses to answer questions about the second wave of coronavirus with Karl Stefanovic

“Why don’t you just tell people?” Daniel Andrews refuses to answer key question that led to Melbourne’s second wave of coronavirus four times in a heated interview with Karl Stefanovic

  • Karl Stefanovic clashed violently with Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews
  • The couple discussed the second COVID-19 outbreak and how it started
  • Mr. Andrews declined to comment on the hotel’s quarantine due to investigations
  • Stefanovic insisted that Mr Andrews should already know the main shortcomings of the operation
  • “I’m not here to argue with you,” Prime Minister Daniel Andrews told Stefanovic on the air

Karl Stefanovic clashed with Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews over the state of affairs in Melbourne after the announcement of a second block of the corona virus.

Today’s presenter described Victoria’s COVID-19 second wave as “ a mess ” before hitting the prime minister on any more disappointing announcements to be made today.

On Tuesday, Victoria registered 191 new cases of COVID-19 – the largest daily increase since the outbreak began – leaving 5.2 million people in Melbourne locked up again from 11:59 PM for six weeks.

The second outbreak has been linked to a failed operation in mandatory hotel quarantine facilities.

“It’s hard to remember a greater political chaos than this,” said Stefanovic on the air, before asking if Mr. Andrews would step down.

The prime minister said he was determined to see through the crisis and continue to make “hard phone calls” to “keep Victorians safe.”

“Why don’t you explain it. Why don’t you just talk to people about what happened in quarantine? What exactly went wrong there? Why don’t you just tell people? Stefanovic asked.

Mr. Andrews managed to get around the questions by reminding the presenter of the Today show that an independent investigation was underway to determine the shortcomings of the quarantine process.

People were critical of the state government’s decision to hire private security companies to manage mandatory quarantines instead of the police or the military – which other states did.

“Accountability is coming. As I said, I am the leader of the government and I accept responsibility for everything that is happening throughout our state, “said Mr Andrews.

“Part of the responsibility I have is making loud phone calls. This is not about popularity, this is a pandemic.

Still, Stefanovic went ahead and demanded to know if the problems had been resolved within the system and insisted that the state government “already knew the answers” without a lengthy investigation.

Karl, I didn’t come on your schedule to argue with you. The main point is that we know that we need an independent process. I think people will rightly be critical if we don’t have an independent process, ”said Mr Andrews.

The Prime Minister explained that the private firms were no longer contracted to secure quarantine hotels and said there will be no flights to Melbourne temporarily to address the problem.

“I can’t change the way this started. Now I can only make the decisions to prepare for the future and protect us, “he said.

When told that critics called him “stubborn,” the prime minister quickly shut down the idea.

‘Wait a second. That’s just not right, ”he said.

Later during a performance at Sunrise, Mr. Andrews was asked if he thinks the Black Lives Matter protests in Melbourne contributed to the catastrophe.

“Nobody gave the green light. Logic says not to do that, ”he explained. It was clear that they should not protest.

“The influence it had is that other people judge. A small number of them have come. ‘

But Mr. Andrews also admitted that no cases had been incurred directly from attending the rally, and from what they know, only four people who were there had the fatal respiratory infection.

The prime minister said that despite his efforts to keep Victorians safe, he takes responsibility for the second outbreak and will now make every effort to get it back under control.

“If this gets away with us right away, we’ll see some very ugly scenes. Great tragedy. We will see thousands of people in the hospital and many die. That is the reality. ‘

Widespread testing is currently being conducted in the 10 towers of the housing commission, which are under strict closing orders.

Andrews said that once testing is complete, he hopes to ease the shutdown to the same conditions as the rest of Metropolitan Melbourne, meaning people can leave the house for four reasons.