Daniel Andrews (pictured) faced tough questions about ABC on Monday morning

How perfectly reasonable questions to Dan Andrews infuriated his hardcore fans so much that they wanted ABC to fire one of their most popular hosts: ‘Reprehensible…what the hell happened to your soul’

  • ABC News Breakfast presenter was judged by some as way too harsh
  • Some online commentators even resorted to foul language to make their point
  • Daniel Andrews’ biggest supporters don’t like to see him asked tough questions

Daniel Andrews’ infamous hardcore fanbase has sprung up on its defense after the Victorian Prime Minister was subjected to a perfectly reasonable on breakfast TV.

Some supporters of the Prime Minister have even gone so far as to demand that ABC News Breakfast host Michael Rowland be fired for daring to question the Labor leader 12 days after the Victorians headed to the polls.

Others resorted to foul language after Rowland asked a question about Victoria and her battle with Covid after Melbourne endured the longest lockdown in the world.

“Do you accept that there are voters, possibly many voters and possibly many voters in Labor seats, waiting with their figurative baseball bats to punish you for the lockdowns and other Covid measures in Victoria?” said Rowland.

Many of Mr Andrews’ supporters took to Twitter to inflate the question with some calling for the resignation of the esteemed ABC journalist.

“Another ABC show you can’t watch. Michael Rowland – what the hell happened to your soul,” one wrote.

“It is a criminal offense and he must be fired immediately,” wrote a second.

“A little sad when the media talks about baseball bats for lockdowns, when so many other people accepted that strict health measures were needed (even if they weren’t popular),” wrote a third.

“Can anyone tell me when the News Corp acquisition of ABC happened? Rowland should be fired for this appalling rant,” a fourth added.

Daniel Andrews (Pictured) Faced Tough Questions About Abc On Monday Morning

Daniel Andrews (pictured) faced tough questions about ABC on Monday morning

Another was so outraged that she called on Rowland to “just fuck off.”

You’re no better than 7 and 9 and 10 would be if 10 had a breakfast news show. Pathetic,” she wrote.

Another commentator said: ‘It was extraordinary to hear him ask that question. Very disappointing. Not his usual style’.

Some questioned whether Rowland and the ABC were taking a right-wing political stance ahead of the election.

“The ABC is noticeable to the right, imo (in my opinion), for the past five years,” they wrote.

Mr Andrews hit back at Rowland, saying he had made the ‘right’ decisions for Victoria.

“Well, what I accept, Michael, is that as the leader of this state, I have a responsibility to not just do the popular things, but to do the things that are right,” he said.

“And that meant some very challenging decisions to make.

‘But people’s opinions, people’s opinions, that’s what elections are about. People can vote from today until November 26. My job is to put forward a positive and optimistic plan. That is what we do.’

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ABC’s Michael Rowland (pictured) has been charged over his questioning of Daniel Andrews on Monday