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It’s time for Harry to give up his royal titles

As this tumultuous year draws to a close, there is no doubting the serious challenges facing Britain.

Arrogant union bosses threaten to cause Christmas chaos with a series of crippling strikes. Ruthless gangs continue to send thousands of migrants across the Channel with impunity. And despite billions in extra funding, our unreformed NHS is still on the brink of collapse.

Meanwhile, skyrocketing inflation and rising fuel costs, caused by the pandemic and exacerbated by Putin’s vicious war in Ukraine, have worsened living standards for millions of hard-working families already burdened by the government’s exorbitant tax burden.

No wonder so many are clearly short of celebratory cheer – although a victory for the English footballers in tomorrow’s game against Senegal would certainly give us a much-needed boost.

But whatever turmoil sweeps across the country, there is one constant from which the public can always draw strength and support: the monarchy.

The Pair Opted To Capitalize On Kate And William'S Royal Visit By Releasing A Trailer For Their Lucrative Netflix Documentary (Pictured), A Move As Hateful As It Is Opportunistic

The pair opted to capitalize on Kate and William’s royal visit by releasing a trailer for their lucrative Netflix documentary (pictured), a move as hateful as it is opportunistic

The stability and reassurance it provides was embodied no better than by the late Queen, whose wisdom and quiet dignity remained a constant source of inspiration through the darkest of times.

So how heartwarming to see Prince William and his wife Kate dazzle the crowds across America this week, giving us every confidence that the future of this magnificent institution is in safe hands for generations to come.

Not only has William inherited his grandmother’s sense of duty, but his wife’s charm, elegance and natural stardust could help cement the UK’s position as a shining beacon of democracy around the world.

Unfortunately, of course, it was too much to hope that during such a historic visit even a glimpse of encouragement might emerge from the US West Coast, where William’s brother Harry and his wife Meghan continue their long-standing sulks in the California sun.

Instead, with wearying predictability, the couple opted to capitalize on the royal trip by releasing a trailer for their lucrative Netflix documentary, a move as hateful as it is opportunistic.

The six-part series has been heralded as an insight into the couple’s life, love and struggles. Judging by the highly charged images that have been released, it seems more designed to heap as much odium on William and Kate – and the entire royal premise – as possible.

So what to do about this narcissistic and increasingly reckless duo?

One solution would be for Buckingham Palace to simply cut all ties and shout ‘Down with their titles!’ let go.

As our Mail+ survey shows, a whopping 98 percent of readers are in favor of such a measure.

But there is a problem. While such a solution sounds appealing, constitutional experts point out that Harry and Meghan would then revert to the titles of Prince and Princess Henry, giving them the chance to exploit their royal connections even further.

Harry is a prince by birth and there is no modern precedent for doing anything to change that. But there is another way.

If the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are really that keen on convincing everyone that they can get out of the royal fold, surely it would be better for everyone if they voluntarily relinquished all the titles so generously bestowed on them by an institution they clearly detest. .

After all, in the promotional blurb of his forthcoming tell-all book, Harry talks about writing the memoir “not as the prince I was born, but as the man I have become.”

In that case, he should show us that he can really stand on his own two feet, revoke his dukedom and his princely title – and no longer hide behind his royal privileges.

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