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Cyberpunk 2077’s NPCs look even more lifelike with these 4K textures – WhatsNew2Day


With the help of new textures for NPCs you can optimize your gaming experience.

If Cyberpunk 2077 excels in one area, it’s in its terrific dialogue. The role-playing game really blossoms when talking to NPCs and draws us into the action thanks to the splendid texts, exciting stories and lifelike characters.

If you want to enhance these dialogues even further, you can now easily do so. At least if you use a 4K monitor and a computer underneath it that can handle this graphics power.

Meanwhile, the modder Xilamonstrr is working on a large number of texture packages, which are primarily used to graphically prettify all possible characters. From smaller NPCs with names, to marginally important figures like Maelstrom gang member Dum Dum, to real companions like Johnny Silverhand himself.

Unfortunately, there is still no collection of these mods, which is why you have to download each 4K texture for each NPC individually. Here are a few examples of the toughened NPCs:

Sharper textures through AI software

According to the modder, the AI-based upscalers chaiNNer and ESRGAN models were used to revise the textures. This made it possible for him to resolve the textures from the base game a whole lot sharper.

According to Xilamonstrr, Cyberpunk 2077 typically uses post-processing or native upscaling, which keeps data small but doesn’t produce as good results as well-trained AI tech can. At the same time, the mods shouldn’t significantly increase the amount of VRAM, since Cyberpunk 2077 already increases its textures on high settings. If the textures are still too much for your computer, the modder also offers a 2K version.

The textures should be a perfect opportunity if you are anyway in the process of beautifying Cyberpunk 2077 using the HD Reworked Mod by well-known modder Halk Hogan. However, Halk Hogan primarily focused on the surrounding textures.

What do you think of such mods that improve the graphics of games? Do you use them often and like them or are you more cautious? Maybe out of concern that your computer’s hardware won’t be able to cope with it? But maybe you also know a few graphic mods that are even more worthwhile? Write us in the comments!

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