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Customers furious at price of fairy bread at inner city Buddy’s Bar Sydney


Aussies furious over the outrageous price of fairy bread at a trendy inner-city bar – but owners insist the dish is a ‘big hit’ with customers: ‘Highway heist’

  • Bar customers shocked by high price of fairytale bread
  • The downtown bar is under fire

Australians are chanting ‘highway robbery’ after a popular pub was caught charging an ‘unreasonable’ price for two slices of fairytale bread.

Buddy’s Bar in Sydney’s inner west has come under fire for its outrageous $7 menu item.

The bar’s management has defended the snack and price, claiming it was a hit with customers.

A man was delighted to see the beloved treat on the menu and ordered the dish without glancing at the price.

The bar consisted of two slices of white bread with butter, 100s and 1000s – and controversially added pop rocks and a side of strawberry syrup dipping sauce.

The anonymous customer admitted that he enjoyed the dish, despite how much it strained his wallet.

Buddy’s Bar in Sydney’s inner west has come under fire for its outrageous $7 menu item

He shared a photo of the treat on a popular Reddit forum.

“Pop rock fairytale bread and a strawberry syrup dipping sauce at Buddy’s Bar in Newtown,” he captioned the image.

When asked if he thought the dish was worth the steep $7 price, he found himself agreeing.

“To be honest, yes, I loved it,” he said. “It was a nice sweet treat. The popping candy was a new take on it.”

But many were surprised by the bread’s shocking price and non-traditional slice.

“It’s not even a triangle?” one woman remarked. ‘Sacrilege! Straight to jail.”

“A bit stingy with their portion sizes at $7!” said another.

“Two slices of white bread for $7,” repeated another, startled. “It’s idiots like this that keep the prices of everything high for the rest of us.”


Would you pay $7 for fairy bread?

  • No – that’s ridiculous 7 votes
  • Yes – it looks delicious 3 votes

“I just can’t handle this,” said another. “It’s a robbery.”

A spokesperson for Buddy’s Bar said: ‘Added to the menu for a bit of fun, The Fairy Bread is a big hit with diners who enjoyed the nostalgia of their favorite Aussie treat as a child.’

“The margins we make on the fairy bread are lower than the industry average, it’s there for a little fun and we’re glad people are enjoying it.

Like all items on our menu, there are plenty of hidden costs associated with them. The sale of our food and drink allows us to continue supporting jobs each week for our amazing staff, local artists, musicians, DJs and comedians.”

Others took a different approach to the situation.

“It’s artisanal and ethically sourced,” one man wrote. “Don’t call them ‘hundreds and thousands’ – they are all individuals.”

A second said, “If people weren’t willing [spend] $7 on it, they wouldn’t sell it.’

“Overpriced menu items are also useful for complying with certain liquor licenses,” explains another. “A way for bars to make it look like they have food.”

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