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Curious: Chelsea professionals had to sit on the floor


Chelsea FC has pulled the ripcord for the second time this season and, after New Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel, has now also parted ways with his successor Graham Potter. ‘The Athletic’ now reveal that the Englishman faced some uncertainties behind the scenes. Among other things, he is said to have had an extremely difficult time with many stars.

Graham Potter’s dismissal from Chelsea FC last Sunday was no longer a surprise. Thomas Tuchel’s successor led the Blues to the quarter-finals of the Champions League. But neither in the national cup competitions nor in the domestic league could the Londoners convince under the 47-year-old. After just 28 points from 22 games, the club pulled the ripcord for the second time this season.

The portal “The Athletic” now reveals that Potter not only had to fight against the opposing teams week after week, but also against his own team. It is said, for example, that while the Chelsea players’ relationship with the manager was never hostile, some top performers felt the club was outsized for the internationally inexperienced coach.

A few pros have also made disrespectful comments about their own trainers behind Potter’s back. They reportedly referred to him as either “Harry” or “Hogwarts” in reference to the Harry Potter series. At the same time, they are said to have wondered about the coach’s line-up a few times.

Chelsea professionals had to sit on the floor

Particularly curious: after the Blues’ gigantic shopping spree in recent months, the squad is so overcrowded that some players have had to sit on the floor during team meetings. Others had to change in the aisles for training because there was simply no more space in the dressing room. In some training sessions, according to “The Athletic”, nine-on-nine was played in addition to eleven-on-eleven to keep all professionals busy.

In the end, those responsible not only analyzed the results, but also other data in detail and, according to the report, came to the conclusion that the team had not shown any evidence of sustainable development. The result was the dismissal of the coach.

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