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Many people in Canada have been relying on the primary news network known as CTV News, especially in Ottawa. They provide numerous features for not just Ottawa, but all of Canada. You may have recognized some of the most popular voices in Canadian news such as Marilyn Denis, Todd Van der Hayden, or Don Martin, along with Loyd Robertson, Kevin Newman, and Sandie Rinaldo as popular anchors. If you didn’t know their names, you do now! Surprisingly enough though, this small cast of anchors has paved the way for much of CTV News over the years and provided some of the top news stories in all of Canada.

What is CTV News?

CTV News is one of the subsidiary divisions from the CTV network. Their news programs offer news similar to many American stations in that it provides local news as well as national and international news that can be found just about everywhere. They offer world events and even have their own website (more on that later). Bell Media is the corporation that owns the CTV News network, and they’re on multiple stations in Ottawa, as they are a primarily digital station, but are also still readily available on VHF channels. Many people don’t know that CTV News is a dual station network, and they are actually headquartered in Toronto, although the two channels that they are hosted on are actually broadcasted and hosted in downtown Ottawa.

What Types of Shows Do They Provide?

CTV has numerous news broadcasts and shows that cover various platforms. If you’re wanting to watch political news you may be interested in their Power Play broadcast, or you may want to even catch them in the morning to watch CTV Morning Live, which is essentially a Canadian version of “Good Morning America”. This show features many guests, accepts birthday segments in which they will allow people to call in to wish their family members birthday greetings, and they have up to date weather forecasts, video clips, and even an up to date Twitter feed that you can continuously keep up to date on. They even provide traffic updates to help citizens across the country with the latest feeds and news.

The CTV Website

No matter where you’re at in Canada, you can view your local news in order to see what’s impacting your area. Of course, we’re focusing on Ottawa here, so we’ll talk more about that. Since Ottawa is such a densely populated area (hosting nearly a million citizens living in the city alone, let alone the suburb cities surrounding it), it’s important that you get constant current events, normal local news headlines and traffic updates. If you’re looking for more, you can always see the numerous other social media sites that CTV News has connections on, such as Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, their RSS feed, Twitter, and even Facebook.


CTV News has been around since the late 1990’s and has been able to grow into one of the most popular news channels in all of Canada in this short amount of time. It’s been known as many news channels, but since 2009 the channel has kept its name shortened to CTV News and it stuck. For everything news, you can always count on CTV News to keep you up to date in current events.