CT socialite Hadley Palmer sentenced to prison after filming naked minors

Connecticut socialite was sentenced to one-year imprisonment. She will be required to be on the sex offender register for 10 years for filming minors naked in her beachside home. 

After she finishes her year in prison, Hadley Palmer, 54 of Belle Haven, agreed to a plea agreement in January. She pleaded guilty in three counts to voyeurism, and risk of injury for a minor. 

Palmer was also sentenced to a 30-year ban on contact with a unnamed victim in the case. She Already spent 90 days in Niantic state prison for female prisoners.

As part of the deal, the higher charges of employing a minor to perform obscene acts and possessing child pornography were dropped. 

She pleaded guilty to “knowingly photographing filming and recording three persons” in 2017 and 2018, without their knowledge at her $10million home. 

The socialite did not speak at the sentencing hearing on Tuesday, besides answering yes and no questions. 

Her Michael Meehan is a lawyer who described the mother-of-4 as’very caring’ [and] Love,’ she said that the sentencing was fair and that her actions were being taken into account. 

Many details about her case are still unknown, which has led to critics calling the move extraordinary.

However, According to the Stamford Advocate, it was revealed at the socialite’s sentencing on Tuesday that the victims in the case had requested Palmer serve no further jail time, and that she shared the illicit recordings with an ‘unnamed third party.’

Hadley Palmer, 54 of Belle Haven, was sentenced after pleading guilty to the charges in January. Palmer will also be barred for 30 year from making contact any unnamed female victim in this case.

Many Speculated If Her Soon-To-Be-Divorce-To-Husband Had Turned Her In After His Divorce Paper Revealed He Wanted Access To Her Social Media To See If She Was Cheating

Many speculated if her soon-to-be-divorce-to-husband had turned her in after his divorce paper revealed he wanted access to her social media to see if she was cheating 

A Mysterious Man (Pictured), Who Was Not Identified, Was Seen Hugging And Kissing Palmer Inside The Conference Room Before The Sentencing

A Mysterious Man (Pictured), Who Was Not Identified, Was Seen Hugging And Kissing Palmer Inside The Conference Room Before The Sentencing

Unidentified man was seen kissing and hugging Palmer in the conference room prior to the sentencing. 

Her Lawyers Were Seen Leaving The Court House After The Sentencing

Her After the sentencing, the lawyers were seen leaving from the courthouse 

Before the sentence, a mysterious man was seen kissing and hugging Palmer in the conference hall. He To hide his identity, he was seen putting the hood of his coat towards his face. 

Hadley is divorcing Bradley Palmer, a wealthy financier. Divorce records show that he became suspicious of his wife and filed an application back in July to have access to her social networks accounts. This leads to speculation about his involvement in his wife’s arrest. 

The Associated Press (AP), argued the records could have redacted, or changed, the names of children, as is the case in state sex crime cases. This would make the documents more accessible to the public. 

It is unclear what Palmer did to the minors. Judge John Blawie ruled that the entire file should remain sealed to protect victims’ identities. He also ruled that it would be impossible to open the file without redacting certain documents. This would lead to identification of minor victims, of which one was at least fifteen years old.

“Between 2017-2018, the defendant knowingly photographed and filmed certain individuals without their consent and in circumstances where those individuals weren’t in plain sight and had a reasonable expectation to privacy and at least one photograph taken and captioned by the defendant depicted someone who was minor,” he wrote.

After Hadley was arrested on October 31st. She applied for an “accelerated rehabilitation” special probation program. The file was immediately sealed.

It is reserved for first-time criminals. It is only available to defendants with Class C felonies.

She Pleaded Guilty To Voyeurism And Risk Of An Injury To A Minor In January For Filming Inside Her $10 Million Home (Pictured)

She pleaded guilty to voyeurism and risk of an injury to a minor in January for filming inside her $10 million home (pictured) 

The Lavish Home Had Great Views Of The Seaside And Tons Of Natural Light

This lavish home boasted stunning views of the ocean and lots of natural light. 

The Associated Press, whose reporters opposed sealing the file, was told by legal experts that it was a rare move to seal her file immediately. Others claim she didn’t qualify for accelerated rehab.

They wanted to know why she could hide from the public, while other defendants did not. 

Many people have wondered if Bradley exposed the wife’s activities to police after divorcing documents revealed that he wanted to check her social media to see if there was evidence of her being romantically or sexually involved. 

The divorce records showed that Palmer had become suspicious of wealthy financiers. 

According to a February report, Bradley had filed a motion in July to have her social media accounts and any photos or videos she might have sent to anyone with whom she was romantically or sexually involved. The New York Times

It is unknown exactly what led to Palmer being arrested. 

Palmer (Pictured At An Alzheimer'S Gala With Her Husband Brad Palmer, Right) Pleaded Guilty To 'Knowingly Photographing, Filming And Recording Three Individuals' In 2017 And 2018 Without Their Knowledge At Her $10Million Mansion

Palmer (pictured at an Alzheimer’s gala with her husband Brad Palmer, right) pleaded guilty to ‘knowingly photographing, filming and recording three individuals’ in 2017 and 2018 without their knowledge at her $10million mansion

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