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Cruise ship Norwegian Jewel placed in lockdown in Sydney while a passenger is being tested for corona virus

Cruise ship Norwegian Jewel is placed in a lockdown in Sydney harbor while a passenger is tested for the deadly corona virus after becoming ill

A cruise ship has been detained in Sydney because of the fear that a passenger has a corona virus.

The passenger, a Singaporean man, is tested for the deadly virus after becoming unwell and suffering from respiratory diseases.

The ship, Norwegian Jewel, arrived in Sydney on Friday morning after a trip from New Zealand, The Australian reported.

The man was taken off the ship while all other passengers could no longer leave.

Australia currently has 15 confirmed coronavirus cases, while four Australians are among 65 newly confirmed cases on board the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship docked in Yokohama in Japan.

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January 25

  • Three men aged 43, 53 and 35 who had recently traveled to China have been confirmed to have contracted the disease.
  • Two flew in from Wuhan, while the other arrived in Sydney from Shenzhen, South China.
  • They are treated in isolation at Westmead Hospital and are in a stable condition.

January 27

  • A 21-year-old woman is identified as the fourth person who tested positive for the disease in NSW.
  • The woman, a student at UNSW, flew on flight MU749 to Sydney International Airport on January 23 and presented to the emergency department 24 hours later after developing flu-like symptoms.
  • She is treated in isolation at Westmead Hospital.


January 25

  • A Chinese citizen aged fifty will be the first confirmed case of the corona virus in Australia.
  • The man flew from Wuhan via Guangzhou to Melbourne on January 19 on the Southern Southern flight CZ321.
  • He is now in quarantine at the Monash Hospital in Clayton in the east of Melbourne.

January 29

  • A Victorian man in his sixties is diagnosed with the corona virus.
  • He became unwell on January 23 – two days after his return from the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak.
  • The man was confirmed as positive on January 29 and was subsequently seen by doctors at the Monash Medical Center. He was rated good enough to stay at home.

January 30

  • A woman in her forties has a corona virus.
  • She was visiting from China and mainly spent time with her family.
  • She is being treated at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

February 1

  • A woman in her twenties in Melbourne appears to have the virus


January 29

  • Queensland confirms its first case after a 44-year-old Chinese subject was diagnosed with the virus.
  • He is being treated at the Gold Coast University Hospital.

January 30

  • A 42-year-old Chinese woman who traveled in the same Wuhan travel group as the 44-year-old man tested positive. She is in stable condition at the Gold Coast University Hospital.

February 4

  • The corona virus has been diagnosed in an eight-year-old boy. He also comes from the travel group where the other Queensland cases came from

February 5

  • The case was found in a 37-year-old man who was a member of a group of nine Chinese tourists in quarantine on the Gold Coast

February 6

  • A 37-year-old woman was diagnosed with the corona virus of the same travel group that flew from Melbourne to Queensland on January 27


February 1

  • A Chinese couple in their sixties who arrived from Wuhan in Adelaide to visit relatives confirmed that they have coronavirus.


January 30

  • It has been confirmed that two Australians have the virus in Wuhan itself. Australia has increased the travel alarm level to ‘not traveling’ for the city of Wuhan – the epicenter of the outbreak – and for the entire Hubei province.
  • Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy says that unless people are in contact with someone who doesn’t feel well and comes from that part of China, there is no cause for concern.


Feb. 10

  • Four Australians are among the 65 newly confirmed coronavirus cases aboard the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship docked in Yokohama.