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Crocodile and poisonous snakes among hundreds of reptiles removed from the dead man’s house


Hundreds of snakes, including two deadly black mambas, have been discovered in the western Pennsylvania home of a 23-year-old man who reportedly died from more than one bite.

Authorities also discovered a crocodile in the house, from which they removed approximately 100 poisonous snakes and left behind as many non-venomous ones, according to ABC News affiliate WNEP.

Police were called to the Beaver County home Tuesday afternoon when a roommate of the unidentified dead man reported unresponsive. His cause of death is unclear.

National Geographic describes black mambas as “fast, nervous, lethally poisonousand when threatened, very aggressive.”

They can reportedly be as long as 14 feet and glide faster than 12 miles per hour. The black mamba bite is “almost always fatal” if left untreated. Antidotes are generally not accessible in areas where people find them in the wild, mainly in the savannahs and rocky hills of southern and eastern Africa.

A South African snake rescuer posted a photo on Facebook Tuesday of a 9-foot black mamba that had been feeding on kittens. He and an assistant captured the snake, which the trainer says “has no desire to bite a human.”

As for the crocodile found at home, it WTAE it as a dwarf caiman, found in South America. The UK’s Crocodiles of the World crocodile zoo says the females of the species are the smallest crocodiles known.

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