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Criticism leveled at Melbourne gym for discriminatory model recruitment ad seeking only women with small or extra-small body sizes.


Gym slammed as fat phobe after model’s ‘disgusting’ call went viral: ‘I don’t even want to go back to training’

  • Gym has been criticized for being ‘obese haters’
  • They have posted an ad looking for XS size models

The small detail in an advertisement for a gym looking for models to promote their new line of clothing caused a stir for being “obesephobic” and lacking in size inclusiveness.

The gym chain has posted an online notice looking for models ranging in size from plus size to petite.

Hundreds were excited about the size requirement calling it ‘disgusting’ and unfair to gym-goers larger than a size eight.

However, not everyone was offended and pointed out that models of larger sizes could indeed be included or the casters were trying to find people to match the sample sizes.

The gym in question explained that the post was a “miscommunication” and that they were looking for models in a certain size based on the clothing their suppliers provided them with.

The notice of an Australian gym looking for XS-S models in opinion has divided opinion. Many thought the size requirement was “fat phobia” while others jumped in to defend the gym

“How’s that for inclusiveness of scale?” wrote an online gym member with a screenshot of the flyer temporarily posted to her Instagram story.

The letter from the gym in Melbourne reads, “We are looking for male and female e-commerce models to shoot our new garments – based in Melbourne”.

She added that they were after male models who are medium in size and female models who fit XS or S.

The woman’s post quickly sparked hundreds of reactions with many sharing outrage over the “disgusting” details.

“They really put this online,” said one woman, while another wrote: “I hate it here. How hard is it to just support inclusivity??.”

A third replied, “Because people still don’t like us fat people, especially gyms.”

“Like bigger than petite people don’t wear gym clothes?????” added a fourth.


What do you think of the call to choose a gym model?

  • He is fat phobic and does not encourage size inclusiveness 0 votes
  • Perhaps they already have models of larger sizes 0 votes
  • There is nothing wrong with that 1 votes

Many came to the fitness brand’s defense and saw no problem with wanting leaner models.

I’m a chunky girl and honestly this isn’t that serious or offensive. More important things to worry about! One woman answered.

“It’s really not that deep, they probably model sample sizes,” agreed one.

A third explained: “This could be for a number of reasons, if it was a matter of sampling goods, perhaps only these sizes were sent or perhaps they had already photographed other sizes already.”

“It’s also a gym, so they’ll probably want to promote ‘fitter’ people.”

Sample sizes refer to garments sent by brands and designers for press, modeling, and public relations purposes.

They are usually made in smaller sizes supposed to save money on fabric but have been criticized for not being representative of average body types.

Those angered by the club’s publication were not convinced by the defenders’ excuses, with one saying: “The fact that there is so much ‘what if! Instead of just supporting the inclusivity of the body, it’s mind boggling for me.

Gym accused of not supporting diversity (stock photo)

Gym accused of not supporting diversity (stock photo)

“I will need to follow up when they post pics from their model call because how many people are here assuming they actually shot bigger sizes is cool, but most likely wrong,” a second wrote.

A spokesperson for the gym said the post was a “miscommunication” and did not mean to exclude anyone or allude to negative stereotypes.

They said they only received very small and tiny items in their as yet unreleased range of clothing from their suppliers despite ordering a range of sizes.

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