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Creative Hobbies To Train Your Brain While Covid-19 Time

Periods of stress affect our brain function. It might lead to poor memory, lack of focus, and so much more. Covid 19 times has led to anxiety and depression among the individuals. It has affected the levels of inflammation in your body. This ultimately affects your heart, lungs, blood vessels and hormones. Moreover, it leads to dangerous diseases like cancer, tumors and so on.

Here are few hobbies that you can follow to train your brain during Covid 19 –


This is one of the best creative hobbies that will give your mind a boost. With gardening, you’ll fall in love with the plants. Plus, the ones who already adore plants will have time for their saplings. Plants have the ability to lift up our moods. That’s how they make us energetic and lively. The more you stay with nature, the better it is for your aura. Your aura is cleansed with the presence of plants in your life. Planting trees and taking care of them is generating good karma. It means with gardening, you’re not only boosting your morale but also generating good karma. Isn’t it amazing?


Even when you’ve limited stationery at home, you can go sketching. It’s fun and you’re going to love it. Sketching is an easy way to boost your creativity. All you need is a pencil and a sketchbook. And, you’re good to go. With sketching, more creative ideas will boost your mind and you’ll definitely love it. Sketching will open new doors of creativity in your life. It’s one of the most pursued hobbies in the lockdown by many. Pandemic has really taught people to be creative and that’s inspiring.

Home Decor

The art of home decor has encouraged creativity in the homemakers as well. Not only the youngsters, but the working moms are also into home decor. With the pandemic, many moms came out with the ideas of redecorating their private spaces. That’s how the trend of home decor flooded Instagram and other social media platforms. You might have seen reels on IG with all those home decor trends. It’s an amazing hobby and will surely keep your creative juices flowing.

Own A Pet

It’s one of the best things that you can do in the lockdown. Dogs and cats have the ability to reduce your stress. When you play and spend time with pets, your morale boosts and you become lively. With this, you’ll definitely feel at ease. There’s no depression or anxiety when you’ve pets at your home.


Rock painting and stone painting are one of the most creative hobbies that you can go for in the pandemic. All you need is paint brushes, colours and stones. Once you’ve the right stationary, you can begin with the hobby. Not only this, but you can also paint old walls by adding a new touch to them.

Playing Crosswords

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