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Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites. The number of people who utilize it is rapidly growing. However, as the number of users grows, so does the amount of content available. This number contains several brands that use Instagram as a marketing tool.

Great Instagram post ideas promote your brand while engaging and Increase your Instagram followers and providing them with something they can’t help but share. However, simply posting an image or video will not be enough. You need to stand out from the crowd by providing your followers with unique and innovative content that they won’t find anywhere else.

That can not be easy, especially since more than 95 million photographs and videos are uploaded to the app every day. So, what can you post to Instagram every day to keep your followers interested?

Creating a consistent stream of material on Instagram can be difficult, primarily since data from marketing firm Buffer advises that you publish at least 1.5 times per day to appease the Instagram algorithm.

The exciting news is that there are a variety of techniques to keep your Instagram feed exciting and your followers interested. To get started, read our guide on obtaining Instagram followers and increasing your audience. We’ll look at what to post on Instagram in this article, with ideas and examples you can use for your own business.

Ideas To Post On Instagram

1.    Pose a question to your audience.

You may encourage your followers to share their opinions and ideas on virtually any issue by asking questions. These user insights may be helpful in the future when creating new material.

If you ask the correct questions, they might even develop new product concepts. Let’s say that you run a makeup page on Instagram. You can ask your audience, “The kind of coverage do they expect from their foundations? Your followers’ responses will assist you in creating a slew of fresh material, including new items, Instagram posts, and more.

2.    Go With Tutorial

Viewers and readers benefit from great digital marketing because it supplies valuable and entertaining content. That’s why how-tos and tutorials are so popular on social media.

Brands may use Instagram posts to deliver quick tips on practically any issue. For example, when you ask your audience about the coverage of foundation they prefer. What you can do is you can hire any famous influencer and ask them to shoot a tutorial while wearing your full and light coverage foundations.

3.    Arranging Giveaway Contests

Everyone enjoys receiving gifts. As a result, marketers frequently use giveaway contests to generate guaranteed engagement. It’s a terrific approach to expand your audience and draw notice to your products.

This style is frequently used by personal care and retail firms to attract clients to buy their items. The contest style instills a demand for the goods in their target audience subtly. When you have to win something, it becomes a prized possession.

For example, For its second birthday, Statusphere held a referral contest. They handed out branded hats to only 30 women, who were asked to upload a photo of themselves wearing the hat while encouraging others to apply to the network and follow Statusphere. What is the prize? The influencer with the most referrals will get a $150 Sephora gift card and a Michael Kors purse. Statusphere earned 450 Instagram followers in just 14 days!

4.    Announce new items or accomplishments in your business.

Here’s a simple yet powerful idea: You can utilize Instagram to announce new products or business changes with an eye-catching picture. This provides you with more stuff to post on the platform and motivates users to follow you because everyone likes to feel like they’re up to date on their favorite brands.

5.    For content – collaborate with influencers.

Influencer marketing is a terrific method to go if you want to assist your brand gain some extra reputation and attention quickly. It is not required to use well-known influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers. It will be more beneficial for Shopify merchants to reach out to smaller micro-and nano-influencers in most circumstances.

Even if these influencers only have tens of thousands of followers, their audience will believe them. If they agree, they’ll also be more open to partnering with small firms and more affordable.

6.    Post Transformations

If your company has aided many people, revealing a transformation can motivate others to work with you. Put another way; a transformation demonstrates the RESULTS you can achieve. This is something you’ll notice a lot with fitness coaches and gurus of all kinds. You can also write where your consumer was at the start and what they accomplished in your caption lastly. Also, highlight how YOU helped them get there!

7.    Use Countdowns

A decent countdown is something that everyone enjoys. A premiere, a sale, New Year’s Eve, a big day like Black Friday or Christmas, or the most recent Marvel film, Use a countdown sticker above your video to rapidly increase the level of excitement in your audience. The clock is ticking.

8.    Celebrate Your Small / Big Achievements

A successful story is something that everyone enjoys hearing about. This may be as basic as sharing video testimonials from consumers or using Instagram Stories to share bite-sized case studies. Before and after images are also solid bets. Make sure you highlight your brand’s key selling points and how your audience may profit from them. For example, your brand offers spa services at home, and when you open your salon, you will post before and after that place on your Instagram to share your happiness with the audience.

9.    Let Your Loyal Customer Take Over

Giving ownership of your Instagram Stories to your most loyal customers is an excellent approach to creating trust with your audience. It’s a fantastic sales tool in addition to demonstrating your strong relationship with your consumer base. Customers are more likely to listen to other customers than to a brand.

10.  Offer Deals & Discounts

You may also take advantage of Stories’ 24-hour lifespan by promoting special, limited-time offers on your Instagram Story. People won’t want to miss out on bargains they can’t get somewhere else; this will drive views and boost your follower count. Scarcity attracts buyers.


Above mentioned are just a few examples of how brands may use Instagram to communicate with their customers. Remember that exciting content must also fit into your broader social media strategy. As a result, make sure that you execute your content ideas following your brand’s tone, timeliness, and other guidelines.

In the end, you’re uploading material to Grow your Instagram followers and brand recognition. Still, it’s crucial not to get carried away and post anything just for the sake of exposure. Your goal should be to maintain your brand constant across platforms while diversifying your content and individual postings to keep your audience engaged. A well-balanced content schedule with various topics is an excellent place to start. You don’t need to feel obligated to post every suggestion on this list. However, if the article idea fits your brand and you believe you can execute it flawlessly, go for it.


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