Creating Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy’s New and Classic Outfits

Not only are the Guardians great at saving the galaxy, they also have impeccable style. For Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, we’ve created over 40 outfits for the band, from classic comedic looks to all-new designs.

When we started creating original looks, we wanted to partner with a Marvel cartoonist who has reimagined many Marvel superheroes over the years: the talented RB Silva. We worked with him to create a lineup of team outfits with an atmosphere that clearly stated “this is what we’re wearing for the final battle for the fate of the galaxy”. We had the opportunity to ask him a few questions about the creation of the Golden Guardians outfits, along with some exclusive concept art for you to enjoy.

How did you come up with the core concept for the “Golden Guardians” outfits?

RB Silva: I was immediately informed by Eidos-Montréal and Marvel that some of the required costumes were for a team, and I had a lot of ideas for that, but one of these ideas, the one that stuck in my head, was that this be a suit of armor or something like a suit of armor. Once the material was established, the ideas flowed naturally.

How did you adapt this core concept for each Guardian – five characters with very different builds?

RB Silva: First, I needed to establish a common element that would identify the outfits as a team. It was easy to determine the color. Together with the folks at Eidos-Montréal and Marvel, we came to the conclusion that the outfits should be white and gold. The hardest part was the rest. just kidding! But developing these outfits based on height, body type and personality was a task that we performed very carefully. Many shapes used in Rocket Racoon’s armor were not functional for Star Lord’s armor. At that time, the close collaboration with Eidos-Montréal and Marvel went very well and with a few sketches we managed to create an individual concept for each character.

What was your favorite aspect of designing these outfits?

RB Silva: When I saw the characters together, and they all wore something visually the same but different, I really liked it. I did a lot of research and had access to an image bank with a lot of military outfits, and maybe it’s not easy to spot a lot of military features in those outfits, but they are there (lol). I had to come up with something really resistant, suitable for very extreme, aggressive conditions, so a suit sewn by a teenager in his bedroom to fight crime might not work very well here.

I loved seeing the final results developed by the 3D modeling team.

What was the most challenging aspect of creating these outfits?

RB Silva: The most challenging was undoubtedly finding elements that expressed each character’s personality in each scenario. The Eidos-Montréal creative team sent me some references and shapes that were used during the development of the game universe and that helped me a lot, but at the same time they set me a limit showing how far I could go and what shapes I could could use . It was an interesting challenge, and it certainly was completed in an incredibly satisfying way. I have nothing but praise for the entire creative team at Eidos-Montréal and Marvel. They rock!

Classic looks for the Guardians

When it comes to the classic strip outfits, we had so much material to play with. The Guardians have been around for 50 years, and some of their looks were great to include in our game. Let’s take a look at one classic look for every Guardian.

Star-Lord – Team-Lord outfit

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s Guardians of the Galaxy run was one of the main inspirations for our game, so there’s no question that we had to bring in some looks from that 2008 era. Team-Lord was a natural choice and an interesting challenge, as Star-Lord’s helmet is radically unique.

Gamora – Black Vortex Outfit

Inspired by the 2015 comic Guardians of the Galaxy & X-Men: Black Vortex Alpha #1, Gamora’s Black Vortex outfit was also one of our favorites. That cape is just cool.

Drax – Katathian Monk Outfit

Drax is the kind of character for whom balancing his seriousness and humor is a fine line to walk on, and this certainly extended to some of his outfits. The Katathian Monk, from the 2017 comic All-New Guardians of the Galaxy, was a portrayal of this duality so perfect that we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to add him to our roster.

Rocket – Hero of Halfworld

Rocket has been around for a long time and some of its looks are absolutely timeless. This is especially true of the Hero of Halfworld outfit, which is inspired by his 1985 comic by Bill Mantlo, co-creator of Rocket Raccoon. For eagle-eyed players, this isn’t the only tribute to Bill Mantlo in our game…

Groot – Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Although it didn’t appear on a variant of the cover until 2016, the Age of Apocalypse looks for the Guardians were so striking that we had to bring them to our game. The team had a lot of fun recreating them, especially for Groot who can fully unleash his inner monster with this look. Lady Hellbender would probably pay a hefty sum for this.

Find all those outfits and more in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, out now on PS4 and PS5.