Creating content for online games: behind the scenes

Playing digitally created games is a fun thing to do – from interacting with your friends to coming first place on Forza, you’ll often feel as though you’ve had an entertaining few hours when it comes to turning your screens off. However, we’re all guilty of taking for granted the behind-the-scenes process that goes into creating the pleasure we receive out of gameplay. After all, games aren’t created out of thin air. Developing a game, whether it can be accessed on the internet or via a games control, takes a pair of crafty hands and a copious amount of time. So, we’ve decided to take a step back and appreciate the behind-the-scenes action.

Crafting a Concept

In order for a game to be a success, it has to create attraction. Without it, it’s likely to blend into the plethora of games available on the market and stay out of reach of the consumer. Thinking of the target audience and their customer journey is therefore the first thing that creators think of when developing a game to ensure they meet user needs and expectations. In essence, this is the point where developers flesh out a concept and create prototypes that include characters and a storyline.

Take a look at as an example, they offer bonuses on various slot machines like Super Heroes and Tiger Eye, which vary in concept, design, and storyline. It is at this concept stage where the characters are introduced, the color palette is considered, and the script is drafted – and this is no easy task when you have to think about user emotions, as explained here That being said, the next time you choose to play on a slot machine, notice the various concepts and designs that are available, someone’s brain spent hours thinking of that! With so many slot machines available on the market, it’s not an easy task to create something that is unique, so this concept stage is perhaps the most difficult of them all!

Implementing a Design

Once the concept is perfected, this is typically when production begins. Essentially, this means going from prototype to the actual thing, which goes into more detail on. Say, for example, the developer’s idea was Mario Kart, this would be where they take their rough sketches of the characters and create their final identity that’s ready to be introduced to customers. Equally, they will also build on their character’s appearance by finalizing a script that is used for voiceovers.

Not to mention the more technical side of things like motion and sound which will, without question, require a niche set of skills to ensure the final result is properly coded and developed. Imagine playing Mario Kart without the motion? Well, it’s safe to say that wouldn’t work, so hats off to the game developers of the world! This production process is without question, the longest of the behind-the-scenes stages as it requires attention to detail and a perfectionist’s eye.

While gameplay is entertaining and enjoyable for the user, it can be a long haul of a ride for the game developer and as we’ve demonstrated, they deserve a round of applause for their efforts