Create A Better Story And Brand Value With Each Instagram Post

In order to gain maximum advantage from Instagram, the most popular and productive visual platform for marketers, you will need to make sure that you post the best pictures and videos on a regular basis. Apart from that, you will also need to make sure that these posts are fresh and appealing to the users. 

Ideally, in order to gain more likes and comments on your posts you will need to create a different and better story than your competitors and also enhance the brand value along with it.

When it comes to creating a story on Instagram with each photo displayed on your posts, you will need to make sure that:

  • The story is compelling 
  • It is less salesy and 
  • It makes your users feel that you areyou are trying to tell something different with every post.

The best way to do so is to use narratives that are tied with your brand identity. When you align these two it will not only convey the right message but it will also establish the right emotional connection with your audience and your brand. It is only when you give what youraudience needs, you will be giving meaning to your content and post making them post more relatable, relevant and trustworthy.

Since your story will play a great role in creating a proper brand loyalty and trust from your customers, make the best of Instagram as this is the best avenue for telling such stories, pictorial at it, making it much more powerful and meaningful than any ordinary text with the loveliest of fonts and font colors.

Therefore, when you create your story keep in mind that you are not just selling a product but you are actually building more brand awareness and value among your users. This will not only help you to gain more auto Ig likes but will also reduce the stress from you which is typically associated with building the follower base.

Focus on your individual post 

Once you have created the best story or at least have the elements ready for it, you should focus on creating the best posts that will add to your brand value. For this you will need to consider all those elements and factors that will help you to create a beautiful post. 

  • You will need to choose the right color palette
  • Ensure that it reflects the right feel of the product and your brand image
  • Use the filter and edit it consistently
  • Care for the texture of your Instagram posts and more.

All these will provide your posts with the much sought after consistency making your feed more authentic and appealing to your users.

There are a few different ways in which you can tie all your posts together which will in turn enhance the look of your feed as well. 

  • You may try using the similar two to four filers on your posts
  • You can opt for a vintage look or 
  • A light and bright lens.

However, make sure that whatever you choose it is most aligned with the personality and identity of your brand. You will also be better off if you desaturate your photos or even maintain a bright white background with different pops of color at different places. 

If you wish you can however create your own brand color palette as well. Make sure that you playaround with just three to four color combinations and repeat them in your posts to make it look more appealing and consistent. 

Core value of the brand

It goes without saying that sticking to the core value of your brand is extremely vital to create your posts. This will help you to reflect that you and your brand both care for your users and cherish the relationship that you have with them. Focus on the culture of your company as well as the human side of it and relate these things with the elements that you post on your Instagram account.

  • This will not only help you to make an instant connection with your audience but you will also cerate an emotional attachment with them.
  • This will in turn make them eel for your brand and product and engage with your brand much too easily. 

If you are good enough in portraying the human side and then brand value it will increase your chances that your users visit your site, make a buying decision and therefore increase your sales and business revenue.

While creating posts that will reflect the core value of your brand do not be afraid to think out of the box and use Instagram marketing. This will enable you to show off your products or services at work. Therefore, the key here is to be as creative as you can. 

  • You can take detailed shots
  • Use eye-catching flat lays and
  • Show your products in a new and more interesting way.

These shots will encourage your users and at the same time will inspire them to create their own posts even. With your product featuring in their posts that are ready to share with their other followers.

  • This will not only extend your reach but will also add to the core value of your brand by a considerable margin. 
  • This will also increase their interaction with your brand and at the same time allow you to have a lot of user-generated contents that are more organic and authentic.

You can use products shots to its best to engage more followers and to create a more consistent and memorable aesthetic. 

You can also post user-generated contents that are sourced from your loyal customers and followers. This will build a better brand awareness and trust. In most of the times, when you use UGCs, users will tag your brand along with their own posts which you can later screenshot and post in your own account as your content. If need be you can use a reposting app. 

All these will create a better story and more brand value.