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Craft Fairs Near You to Ring Up Sales & Establish Connection


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Every artist waits for a single opportunity to show the art to the audience. For me, craft fairs resemble a golden-performance stage allowing every artist to exhibit their hidden talent. They get the attention of the crowd and the best way to raise money. Keep an eye on upcoming craft fairs near you to make it a hit show. 

A Brief Tale of T.P. Speer

He is known for his paintings and decided to sell his prints & paintings at local art shows. He left academia after eight years as a professor and worked full-time with his wife, Deborah Banyas, a painter, and quilt maker. Today, both run a home-based business trading their waggish mixed-media sculptures at craft shows worldwide. 

The U.S. is one of the countries organizing hundreds of art festivals and fine art shows. The audience admires the exceptional atmosphere every craft show curates. According to Lisa Remeny, a Miami artist calls attention to craft fairs for building a healthy connection between artists and the public. 

How to Pick the Right Craft Fair for You

Be a Part of the Audience First- This is something for newbies artists or the ones unaware of the fair. Before you book a craft fair, make sure to attend it first. In other words, it’s a preparation time to analyze the environment and quality of the show. Get a feel to the core for understanding whether your art would fit in. Pick the craft fairs near you this weekend and be a keen-observer. 

Construct a Budget – Make a budget entailing all the potential expenses you’ll incur for the show. For instance, to run a successful booth at a craft fair, spare time for some brainstorming work. The budget calculation will include material cost, the booth itself, promotional material, inventory cost, table cost, permit or license cost, etc. 

Take Baby Steps – Key to success is not skipping any step. The initial phase may require an investment of time, money, and effort. But it’s worthwhile to experiment! Few artists even rent their booth to another artist to see the outcomes of the fair.  

➤Utilize a Bigger Network-  Here, I refer to the internet as a bigger network. Why not use advanced technology for your research work? Look out for event websites, social media communities/ groups, and sign up for related newsletters to pick the right fair. 

➤Terms & Conditions of Fair- Before finalizing the fair for promoting the art, dive into the terms & conditions. Know the location, advertising regulations, additional costs, timings of the show, any discounts or special deals for artists, and the number of exhibitors. The depth examination guides you to make a better decision. 

I’ll reiterate that it takes time, effort, and money to relish a victorious selling at craft fairs. Always remember, keep your head high and learn from experiences. Craft fairs have given many artists the path of earning & popularity. Don’t give up and test till you find what works for you!

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