Cowboys ‘full steam ahead’ to sign Odell Beckham Jr despite the NFL star getting kicked off a plane

The Dallas Cowboys want Odell Beckham Jr. signed despite Odell being kicked off a plane on Thanksgiving weekend and being called ‘aggressive, rude’ for apparently drifting into and out of consciousness.

According to a Miami Police statement, flight attendants called 911 after they feared Beckham Jr. (30) was seriously ill.

According to Beckham’s attorney, he did not deserve to get kicked off the plane, but was instead the victim a ‘overzealous flight attendant’

The Cowboys don’t seem to be concerned, regardless of the outcome. Beckham is now completing his recovery from an ACL tear sustained while playing in Super Bowl for the LA Rams. He was also signed by a few other teams.

When asked about Beckham’s latest situation, Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy stated that he had not been involved in the conversation.

“But, I believe that based on my understanding, we are moving forward at a rapid pace.”

Concerned flight attendants called police Sunday after Odell Benham Jr was reported to have ‘coming in and being out of consciousness’

He Was Filmed Being Escorted Off The Plane By Passengers - Many Were Upset For The Delayed Flight On The Busiest Weekend Of The Year

He The passengers were filmed escorting the plane out of the airport. Many were upset about the delayed flight on one of the busiest weekends of the year. 

Despite The Incident, Cowboys Coach Mike Mccarthy Says The Team Is Still Working To Sign The 30-Year-Old As He Finishes His Recovery From An Acl Injury

Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy said that despite the incident, the Cowboys are still trying to sign the 30-year old as he recovers from his ACL injury. 

Jerry Jones, Cowboys’ owner, also reiterated his interest in the team.

It did not change our view. His overall team compatibility, his judgement, his behavior is not an issue with him,’ Jones said on on Audacy’s 105.3 The Fan in Dallas. “It’s with many, but it’s not with him. 

‘(HeHe is very sincere and genuine. He’s very competitive, confident and has a great self-esteem. He seems very confident, yet very compatible. We think he would be a great fit for us. 

“We must have (him) play this year. It is very important that he has an impact on this year’s activities. It’s important that this year is a significant part of it. We have to be able to contribute immediately.

The Cowboys are also heavily associated with the New York Giants.

Beckham used Twitter Monday to dismiss further suggestions of wrongdoing following the Miami incident.

He replied to a Twitter user who was on the same plane and called him ‘unruly and responsive’ in a video of him walking off  the plane with: ‘This looks unruly and responsive. 

‘I didn’t kno (sic) I couldn’t fall asleep before take off when I boarding first and the flight was delayed 30 mins. 

“I also had a flight to catch when my plane landed in LA. It’s simple shxt. I feel tired before I can take off.

He Continued: “And they were no sleepin pills/drugs. None of this bullshxt will be tolerated. It was a long night in miami. I was exhausted. I went to bed.

He Another Twitter user asked: “How can I recall everything about this incident?” It is also a shame that I am required to speak on the subject when I was not involved in the major deal.

Beckham Injured His Knee In The Super Bowl Against Cincinnati Bengals Back In February - His La Team Won 23-20 But He Has Not Played In The Nfl Since

Beckham was hurt in the Super Bowl against Cincinnati Bengals in February. His LA team won 23-20, but Beckham has not played in the NFL in over a year. 

The Receiver Has Been Linked With A Number Of Teams After Leaving The Rams This Year

After leaving the Rams, the receiver was linked to a variety of other teams. 

Beckham’s attorney gave the following statement on Sunday: ‘Earlier today Odell Beckham Jr boarded in Miami for a morning flight without any problems. 

“The flight was delayed upon boarding and before takeoff. Mr. Beckham fell asleep on long flights with his blanket covering his head. He Was awaken[ed] He was informed that the plane was back at its gate and that he should get off the plane since he didn’t put his seatbelt on as requested. 

‘He Responding that he was in bed, he said that he would get up and put on his seatbelt. He It was too late. He was informed that he had to get off his plane, or everyone would have deplaned.

“The flight attendant was so insistent on removing everybody from the plane, instead of allowing Mr. Beckham just to fasten his seatbelt. 

Beckham Jr Starred At The New York Giants And Has Been Linked With A Return To The Team

Beckham Jr. played at the New York Giants as a star and is being linked to a return to that team

Beckham, Pictured At The Nba Game Between The Washington Wizards And The Miami Heat Last Week, Has Been Expected To Soon Sign For A New Team For The Remainder Of The Season

Beckham was pictured last week at the NBA game between Miami Heat and Washington Wizards. He is expected to sign soon for a new team.

“Mr. Beckham was never disruptive or combative at any time.” He Although he was happy to follow the seatbelt requirements, the flight attendant wanted to prove that Mr. Beckham had the authority to remove him from the flight. 

“The airline sent Mr. Beckham’s luggage without him to Los Angeles.

Davilier said that the incident was unnecessary.

He stated that sleeping on a plane shouldn’t be considered a reason to cancel a flight. “If they could get him to wake up when the plane returned to the gate, they could have asked him to wear his seatbelt.”

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