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Covid New Zealand: Jacinda Ardern responds to comedian Chris Parker’s question about casual sex rules

Jacinda Ardern responds to a highly X-rated question about New Zealand’s Covid rules: ‘When can we have sex with strangers?’

  • Comedian Chris Parker sought clarity on New Zealand’s Covid rules this week
  • In an Instagram clip, he asked politicians to answer when casual sex can resume
  • Jacinda Ardern, who was addressed in the video, responded by responding
  • She posted a shocked face emoji, with her weighting leaving many fans stunned

Jacinda Ardern has provided a very fitting answer to a comedian’s X-rated question about the Covid rules in New Zealand.

Comedian Chris Parker took to Instagram this week to demand that the nation’s leaders notify Kiwis when they can have casual sex again.

While a vaccine ad airing across the country suggests it takes “two shots” from Pfizer “to get the job done,” politicians have yet to tackle the matter head-on.

While Kiwis were confused about intimacy guidelines, Parker shared a satirical video calling on journalists to ask Ms. Ardern and the director general of health, Dr. Ashley Bloomfield, when people can “go out and fuck a stranger.” ‘.

“I only have one question Prime Minister,” he says in the clip, posing as a reporter at a press conference.

Comedian Chris Parker (pictured) received a response from the New Zealand Prime Minister after sharing a hilarious video asking about the country’s Covid policy on casual sex

“I feel like there was only one question that wasn’t answered at all — and that’s kind of the big elephant in the room.

When can we go out and have sex with strangers? Because I feel like that’s something we all want to know, “When can we all go out and just fuck with someone we don’t know?”

The viral clip caught the attention of thousands of social media users, including the Prime Minister himself.

In response to Parker’s barrage of questions — including clarity about government policies on “orgies” — the country’s leader provided appropriate comment by posting a shocked face emoji.

The weight of the Prime Minister caused astonishment to thousands, her reaction alone yielded 2687 likes.

“Best PM ever,” declared one person.

“Oh, this is gold!” added another.

Parker asked the country's leader to clarify what Covid measures must be in place before Kiwis can resume one night stands

Parker asked the country’s leader to clarify what Covid measures must be in place before Kiwis can resume one night stands

The Prime Minister responded by posting a shocked blush-faced emoji to Parker's post

The Prime Minister responded by posting a shocked blush-faced emoji to Parker’s post

However, some were left scratching their heads over the country’s stance on one night stands, with Ardern failing to clarify Parker’s questions.

“Okay, but what are the rules?” someone else wrote, tagging Mrs. Ardern.

“Is it a ‘as long as your Bluetooth is on, you’re fine’ scenario?” another wrote.

“Come on… tell us!” said a third.

It’s not the first time Ms. Ardern has been questioned about tough topics.

In September, the Prime Minister was asked about a brutal sexual escapade at an Auckland hospital where a patient allegedly had sex with a visitor.

The journalist asked whether the rendezvous was considered a “risky activity, in the current climate,” which caused Ms Ardern’s facial expressions to flash from disturbed, to intrigued, to amused.

“I would say, in general, regardless of Covid status, things like that generally shouldn’t be part of visiting hours, I would have thought,” she joked.



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