Covid Hair Loss

Excessive hair loss is one of the many long-term consequences of COVID-19. Long-term COVID-19 infection has resulted in a slew of debilitating symptoms ranging from loss of taste and smell to cognitive fog and weariness. Hair loss has also been shown to be a prevalent symptom. While this is the most concerning side effect.
Covid Hair Loss

Many people report significant hair loss within three months of being infected with COVID-19. 20% of persons hospitalized with COVID-19 experience hair loss within 3 to 6 months following release. Other trials including patients with milder symptoms imply that hair loss following COVID-19 is significantly more prevalent.

The actual reason is still unknown, but after a lot of research results, it’s assumed to be tied to the stress of having COVID-19. There is currently no indication that the COVID-19 virus is directly responsible for this hair loss. Hair loss caused by COVID generally begins two to three months after infection and can linger for months. Hair regrowth is gradual, and it might take up to 18 months for hair to appear normal again.

There may be some precautions to avoid hair loss if you experience a stressful COVID-19 infection. You need to eat well, control stress, and take care of your hair. Because hair needs proper nourishment to develop, you should consume foods rich in protein as well as essential vitamins and minerals.

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