Covid Australia: Lockdown ends TODAY in Victoria and South Australia

Traveling and leaving home

The 5km rule will be scrapped and people can leave the house for any reason

Schooling and learning

Schools reopen for personal education, daycare centers remain open. Higher education stays at a distance


Masks remain mandatory outdoors, both outside and inside

To work

Offices can return to 25 percent capacity, with people still encouraged to work from home if they can


Pubs, restaurants, cafes and bars are allowed to reopen with a maximum of 100 customers, in accordance with the rules of one person per 4 m²


All shops can open their doors again, but with one person per 4 m² customer limit

Hair and beauty

All beauticians and hairdressers are allowed to open

Entertainment and sports

Crowds are still banned at AFL games and all other major events, but 100 people are allowed to go to the theater

Live music venues are allowed to reopen, with a density limit of 300 people outdoors and 100 people indoors for entertainment venues

Social gatherings

Home visits banned, but 10 people are allowed to attend public gatherings

Gyms and fitness

Gyms can open again, just like dance lessons

Border Restrictions

The New South Wales border remains closed, with tighter restrictions on border towns


Movement around Melbourne and regional Victoria is unrestricted.

Visitors to Alpine resorts in the state must have had a negative Covid test in the past 72 hours

Religious Sites, Funerals & Weddings

100 people can congregate indoors at a religious site, with 300 outdoors, subject to one person per 4 sqm rule

Both funerals and weddings can have 50 people


Auctions can go on with 100 people inside or outside, inspections are also allowed with up to 10 people, with a maximum of one person per 4 m²

Sports and recreation

All swimming pools, recreation centers, play centers and skate parks are allowed to reopen, with 100 people inside and 300 people outside, also subject to the density limit

Community sports can start again, but spectators are not allowed

Hospital visits

Visits to hospitals are allowed for a parent, guardian or caregiver of a child patient

Visits are also allowed for the patient’s emotional or physical well-being