Covid-19 Australia: Melbourne CBD construction site is a key focus for contact tracers


measles accident – On Friday, state health bureaucrats admitted they had misled suffering Victorians with claims that the latest Indian ‘Kappa’ variant of Covid – B.1.617.1 was an ‘absolute beast’ that had infected Melburnians and was related to the measles virus.

Measles, with a reproduction number between 12 and 18, appears to be significantly more contagious.

Wrong Woolworths – Health authorities have warned the wrong Woolworths suburbs after picking up traces of the virus last night in the Epping and Wollert area of ​​northern Melbourne.

Woolworths Epping’s original exposure site on the corner of Cooper and High Streets was a ‘mistake’ and had to behe Epping North supermarket.

The hotel quarantine boss who said ‘#f*ckrisk’ – Matiu Bush was sacked as Victoria’s general manager of infection prevention and control in May after it was found they refused a Covid-19 test and failed to disinfect or use face masks correctly.

Bush, who uses she and she pronouns, was twice reported to authorities about the leaked breaches, the Australian reported.

Bush had used the slogan “#f*ckrisk” to show how in 2019 the healthcare sector was “obsessed with risk, stifling creativity” while running neighborhood charity One Good Street.

The catastrophic no-fault Victorian hotel quarantine program – The virus leaked from the Melbourne hotel quarantine and led to a six-week lockdown, including a curfew, in July.

The second wave of cases, comprising more than 18,000 infections, resulted in 768 deaths.

A taxpayer-funded investigation into the hotel’s botched quarantine program has failed to find out who was responsible for the decision to hire private security guards rather than enlist the help of the Australian Defense Force.

“It was a program that failed to fulfill its primary purpose of protecting us from the virus,” said counsel who assisted Ben Ihle as the submissions closed.

In September, it was revealed that the budget for the investigation had been inflated to $5.7 million.

The sleeping guard – In August, ABC’s Four Corners received footage of a security guard asleep on duty at a Melbourne quarantine hotel, when he should have been keeping an eye on returning travelers