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Coveted midfield gem is finally blooming


present at this point communion and sport.de a player every week who runs under the radar, has a very good price-performance ratio and could quickly increase his market value. This time in focus: Finn Ole Becker from TSG Hoffenheim.

The current comunio stats

Market value: 580,000
Points: 7
Points per game: 1.17

That’s why Finn Ole Becker is underestimated

In the previous season, Finn Ole Becker played for FC St. Pauli in the 2nd Bundesliga and was in great demand: Many Bundesliga clubs wanted to sign him because his contract with the Kiezkicker was about to expire. In the end, TSG Hoffenheim was awarded the contract for the German midfield talent. But things didn’t go well for the Sinsheimers for long.

It wasn’t until the 10th matchday that Becker was on the pitch for the first time – before that he wasn’t even part of the squad for seven of the nine matchdays. It seemed clear: the step was probably too big and Becker was not yet mature. Also the negative series of TSG; that followed his Bundesliga debut didn’t help to just give him a try – even if there were a lot of young players at Hoffenheim during that time, which made things almost more disappointing.

But finally things went uphill for Becker – and at the same time there was an upswing at TSG Hoffenheim. 21 minutes of play against Mainz on matchday 23. A week later he was allowed to play against Freiburg in the starting XI and made a really good game – the Kraichgauers lost 1:2. He only came off the bench in the win against Hertha, but after the international break he was back in the starting line-up. And TSG again won 2-1 against Bremen. Has he messed with it?

That’s what makes Hoffenheim so strong

It was not without reason that Finn Ole Becker was so popular. The 22-year-old is technically extremely well trained. He has a very clean passing game and is already really strong at dribbling. When it comes to handling the ball, Becker is definitely on a good Bundesliga level and can easily keep up with the “big ones”.

When it comes to running, no one can fool him either. He’s not a sprinter, but he’s very agile and has a good start, after winning dribbles he can get into the space behind him. What he lacks is mostly physique. The 1.77m tall midfielder is quite slight at around 71 kilograms and is pushed aside too often in duels. With a negative series for the team, that didn’t inspire confidence – but here, too, Becker has improved over the course of the season and gained some strength.

In addition, Becker plays very cleverly. He understands the game as a whole and has a good eye for his own passing spaces that open up attacking situations for his team. But also for opposing ideas, which he can then run to. On top of that, he puts in a good shot, even from a distance. The left foot has to improve his defensive work in particular. But in the very offensive midfield center, as TSG Hoffenheim has always played, Becker is the perfect fit for one of the eighth positions, where he was last used.

Finn Ole Becker has this potential at TSG Hoffenheim

The talented midfielder from the FC St. Pauli youth academy was in great demand last summer for a reason. Finn Ole Becker is a top German talent and as such he could develop really far. If he can maintain his current level of performance, he is definitely a candidate for a regular place in midfield alongside Andrej Kramaric. The big question for the rest of the season could be how things will continue at TSG Hoffenheim.

The Kraichgauers are currently in 15th place in the table and were able to free themselves from the relegation places with their double victory with three points. If that continues and they quickly return to secure midfield, Finn Ole Becker should continue to get his playing time and the promotion of talent should have priority. But if things don’t go well and a small negative series returns, Becker’s defensive weaknesses could be the first adjustment screw for TSG coach Pellegrino Matarazzo.

But things are going well at the moment – ​​and from a Comunio point of view, the left foot also promises a lot of potential. In each of his two starting XI appearances, he collected two points for the managers who put their trust in him. With his good passes, it’s only a matter of time before he prepares a goal or scores a goal with his great long-range shot – then his points rise rapidly. And that for a current market value of 580,000 – a true Comunio insider tip of the week.

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