Courteney Cox re-organizes her bookshelf with the help of a friend after feeling ‘anxiety’

‘It’s harder than you think!’: Courteney Cox reorganizes her bookshelf with the help of a friend after feeling ‘anxiety’ about the ‘chaos’

Courteney Cox’s disorganized books caused her anxiety, so she got some help organizing them.

The Friends star, 58, shared a video on her Instagram page showing the many piles of books she had, saying: “I have so many books.”

David Arquette’s ex-wife gestured to the piles around her and added, “This worries me so much.”

The woman helping her then gently tells her that they will group them by color.

The Cougar Town star – who can be seen next in Scream VI – captioned the post: “Bookshelves….harder than you think.”

Taking stock: Courtney Cox enlisted help to organize her many piles of books

Wall Of Shelves: The Bookcase Took Up Most Of One Wall Of Her Living Space

Wall of Shelves: The bookcase took up most of one wall of her living space

In the video, 18-year-old Coco’s mother wore a black turtleneck sweater with chocolate brown corduroy pants and a black belt.

The Scream star wore her signature long dark hair parted in the middle and loosely around her shoulders and down her back.

Throughout the video, she picks up books and comments on them. In one scene, she picks up a copy of Our Bodies Our Lives.

She noted that she got that for Coco “When she started her… well…,” indicating that she bought it for her daughter when she got her first period.

Courteney picked up a book on design and remarked, “Antiques and futures, just like the Jetsons.”

The woman who helped her organize picked up a book on Friends and said, “One of her favorite books.”

As the completed, newly organized bookshelf nears completion, Courteney takes a long look at it.

“What should have taken an hour took all day,” she said.

Her Library: The Star Of The Friends Looks Over The Stacks Of Books That Have Yet To Be Organized

Her library: the star of the friends looks over the stacks of books that have yet to be organized

Work In Progress: Courtney Got Some Help With The Intense Project

Work in progress: Courtney got some help with the intense project

Blast From The Past: The Woman Who Helped Courteney Called This 'Her Favorite Book'

Blast from the past: The woman who helped Courteney called this ‘her favorite book’

Tidying Up: Courteney Dusts The Bookshelves Halfway Through The Project

Tidying up: Courteney dusts the bookshelves halfway through the project

Memories: She Found A Copy Of A Book She Bought For Her Daughter Coco Years Ago

Memories: She found a copy of a book she bought for her daughter Coco years ago

Courteney looked fresh and natural in the video, unlike when she was younger and turned to fillers and injections to combat aging.

“There was a time when you thought, ‘Oh, I’m changing. I look older,'” she told the Magazine Sunday Times Style. “And I’ve tried to chase that youthfulness for years.”

“And I didn’t realize, oh s***, I actually look really weird with injections and doing things to my face that I would never do now.”

Proud Of The Progress: Courteney Is Pleased With The End Result

Proud of the progress: Courteney is pleased with the end result

Before: The Before Photos Show Piles And Piles Of Books Randomly Placed Around The Room

Before: The before photos show piles and piles of books randomly placed around the room

After: And The After Photo Reveals A Clean And Organized Bookshelf Behind Courteney'S Pool Table

After: And the after photo reveals a clean and organized bookshelf behind Courteney’s pool table

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