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Court hears how Prince Harry called Diana’s butler Paul Burrell a ‘two-face s***’


Prince Harry admitted today that he called Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell a “two-faced s***” who was “attention seeking and interested in himself.”

In testimony to a High Court hacking trial, the Duke of Sussex, 38, referred to an article published in The People in 2003, shortly after Burrell went on trial for allegedly selling Diana’s belongings.

After the case collapsed, Prince William had wanted to meet with Burrell as “the only way to keep him from selling more Diana secrets,” according to the newspaper article.

But Harry was worried that the former servant would simply use it as a money-making opportunity.

Harry told the Supreme Court today: “The article accurately reflects the position that my brother was open to meeting with Paul to discuss his continued revelations about our mother.

Princess Diana in central London with her former butler Paul Burrell in 1994

Harry on Paul Burrell

Harry on Paul Burrell

“However, I had made up my mind about the kind of person I thought Paul was, and was firmly against meeting him.

“Both my brother and I had very strong feelings about how indiscreet Paul had been in the way he had sold our mother’s belongings and how he had given countless interviews about her.”

Harry claimed that the People article – claiming that Harry had convicted Burrell – must have come from intercepting voicemails, admitting: “I would have used the phrase ‘two-face s***’ as reported , and believe this could have been retrieved directly from a voicemail I left.”

Solicitor Mr Sherborne told the court today: ‘Even at this very early stage of formation, the seeds of discord between these two brothers are beginning to be sown.

“Brothers can sometimes disagree, but once it’s made public like this and their inner feelings are revealed as they are, trust starts to be eroded and paranoia sets in.”

Fifth in line to the throne is the first senior royal to give evidence in one of the Monarch’s courts in 132 years, while suing the publisher of the Mirror for alleged hacking, which the latter denies.

In an astonishing rejection of the convention that royals shouldn’t get involved in politics, Harry ranted about the “state of our press and our government – both of which I think are at rock bottom.”

Harry is being cross-examined today by Andrew Green KC at the Supreme Court

Harry is being cross-examined today by Andrew Green KC at the Supreme Court

Harry looked relaxed and even smiling as he entered the modern Supreme Court annex today

Harry looked relaxed and even smiling as he entered the modern Supreme Court annex today

And in his most outspoken attack on the British press yet, Harry demanded, “How much more blood will stain their typing fingers before anyone can put an end to this madness.”

His poignant remarks were contained in a written testimony, which he had prepared in advance and sworn under oath yesterday.

A messenger handed him a Bible and asked him to hold it with his hand raised.

She asked him to repeat to her, “I swear by Almighty God that the evidence I shall provide will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”

Harry stared straight ahead and repeated the phrase word-perfect.

He was then asked by his lawyer David Sherborne to confirm that he would like to be called Prince Harry. He asked him to review his 55-page testimony, check his signature and confirm its veracity.

The Duke’s statement was subsequently released to the public. It is a wide-ranging attack on the newspapers of the Mirror group, the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror and The People, which he says invaded his childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

He claims that he and his mother Princess Diana were both hacked, along with his family, friends and royal aides.

His 25,538 word statement contains five mentions of his wife, Meghan, and 118 mentions of his first serious girlfriend Chelsy Davey.

The Duke of Sussex flew into the UK from California on Monday looking relaxed and even smiling as he entered the modern annex of the Supreme Court – the Rolls Building – and said “good morning” to the waiting press.

Yesterday he was criticized by one of Britain’s top judges and charged with wasting court time after missing the first day of his landmark case – to celebrate his daughter Lilibet’s birthday in Montecito before heading to Britain. Britain flew.

Harry and three others are suing the Mirror group, claiming that the Daily Mirror, the Sunday Mirror and The People newspaper have hacked their phones or engaged in other illegal activities, which are denied.

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