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Couple’s wedding budget move is praised by thousands after they drive three hours for $3.35 bottles of Aldi wine


A newlywed couple have been praised for their money-saving ‘genius’ after driving for more than an hour to buy cheap wine.

The couple drove to Aldi 80 minutes away and emptied the shelves of the award-winning wine, which cost them just $3.35 a bottle.

“I’m glad I brought enough bubble wrap to make sure they got home safely,” the bride said, sharing a photo of her boot filled with cheap booze.

The wine bears the Winking Owl label in US stores. Australian wine lovers can pick up the Precious Earth range from $3.45.

The woman’s post, in an Aldi group, received more than 10,000 likes from savvy shoppers who praised the couple for their strict budget.

“Before I read the post, I thought you were part of an epic trunk or adult treat,” one fan said.

“No shame in this game! It would have been an epic tailgate,” said another.

A bride showed off her ‘epic’ wine harvest after driving an hour and 20 minutes to Aldi and collecting all the cheap bottles from the shelf.

Some wanted to know which Aldi store sold alcohol.

“It depends on your condition and the rules,” one person said. The poster, who lives in the US, had to walk the distance to an Aldi – tricking many into thinking she was crossing state lines.

It was a wake-up call for many.

“If I were you, I would delete the photo as soon as possible! If your local Aldi can’t legally sell it, YOU can’t import it into the state because the state tax hasn’t been paid. So basically a charge of smuggling and tax evasion if you get caught,” one woman said.

But this was reprimanded by others.

“This would only apply if they bought it to resell at their wedding. Most people just offer an open bar or put the bottles on the tables for their guests to use,” one woman said.

“She never said she was leaving the state. I have to travel an hour to my nearest Aldi.

Others said they also went with Aldi wine for their big day.

“We also used Aldi wine and everyone loved it! Another fun thing to do is create your own custom labels. We just printed ours at home on scrapbook paper. Everyone enjoyed our game without even knowing it.

“Aldi wine was a big hit at our wedding last weekend! Despite many naysayers here saying my guests would be extremely disappointed,” said another.

Some people would have liked to think about it.

“We spent way too much money on wine at our wedding. I should have just eaten good stuff for toast and served cheap wine the rest of the night when people were too exhausted to care.

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